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Network News: New Tournament Event Page!


Network News is rated: trending towards the land of make believe importance for this blog

Introducing the…

ITC Major and GT Event Tracker 2016

For those who remember, Blood of Kittens once had a 40k event page, giving players a way to find events around the world to attend. As it turns out, it was quite a difficult endeavor, the page has since been shut down for almost a year now.

To make things more manageable this event page will track all the Major ITC and GT events. These are the largest events in the world, it is was just too hard to track and promote all the smaller events.

Anyway, here is the official description of the page…

As the ITC has grown is has become increasingly more difficult to track every event. It would be impossible task to track all events, so this page tracks just the largest events around the World. Tracking all the Major Events and Grand Tournament levels sponsored by the ITC. What you will find are events broken down month by month with a corresponding map, if you click on the map icons you will find information for each event. The current month with only show basic information about the event. Past months though will show more detailed information, with links for top lists and complete results. For full ITC information visit Frontline Gaming ITC pages, especially the ranking page

ITC Major and GT Event Tracker 2016

Find all the results and information for the largest Warhammer 40k Events for the ITC

Going forward expect posts recapping the past month in ITC large events. Until then enjoy the new page and feel free to email any suggestions for improvements.

One more thing, in my Adepticon list post I made a comment about the next up coming Major ITC event. I was mistaken as Frontline Gaming added the…

Flying Monkeys – Major Event

It is in Kansas and looks to be a huge event and is this coming up weekend!

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