40k Buying Guide: Orks & Goblins as Imperial Guard


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Kromlech has sent Blood of Kittens products for review and like any good wargamer we sent them off to someone better at painting and hobbying than me, here is a review by one of my favorite players and painters Jody Pez Man. Jody is available for commissions for characters and squads only contact him at pez5767@hotmail.com for pricing and details.

I addition to working on the Iron Reich Goblin Squad, I was also able to work with some of the additional models available to the Iron Reich Goblin line. Included in this batch of models were the Flamer Team, Tank Hunter Team, Taskmaster with Gnaw Hound, and Goblin Commander Kurz von Niedrig.

Much like the other models I’ve seen from Kromlech, the quality of casting was excellent. All the models were generally free of mold lines, and only had the smallest amount of paper-thin flashing. The Taskmaster and Gnaw hound are both single piece models, whereas the heavy weapon teams and Goblin Commander required some minor assembly. The Goblin Commander’s finger-claws are each individual pieces, which are quite small, but do allow for a little customization. The backpacks on each of the ammo Goblins are separate, and the visor on the Heavy Flamer is also an optional piece, but other than that, the models are single piece sculpts. In short, the assembly really couldn’t be easier

When I set about painting these models, I took the same approach as I had with the traditional troops, but the extra details demanded a little more time be spent on each figure. Some of the details I particularly enjoyed picking out were metals on the Gnaw Hound, the Taskmaster’s Bionic Eye, and the gauges on the Heavy Flamer. Another area I enjoyed spending a little extra time was on the faces of Goblin Commander Kurz von Niedrig and the Taskmaster. Though to be honest, I didn’t spend much more time on these models than I did the regular Iron Reich Goblin Squad because, as I’ve said before, the details are so distinct and the faces are sculpted in such a cheerful way that it’s really a breeze to pick out each part.

With the addition of the heavy weapons teams, taskmaster, and commander, the squad takes on the look of a complete force; ready for action. All these models are fun to paint, and as characterful as they are, I would love to see an entire army made up of these figures. Given the additional specialist models Kromlech has added to the base Iron Reich Goblins; it would be a completely painless process to craft the Iron Reich Goblins into an counts as Imperial Guard fighting force.

Hopefully you’ve found this review helpful. In a few weeks I’ll be back to review something entirely unrelated to Orcs or Goblins. Until then, thank you for reading and happy hobby!