Project Necron 1st Week

by | Jan 21, 2019

This Blood of Kittens project is design to showcase how to completely paint and play six different 2,000 point Match Play armies in one calendar year. The first project is Necrons, each post will keep you updated on the progress and games played with the army.

Week one was a great start with me painting up six Destroyers and 10 Immortals. I also was able to get a game in with the army and had a great learning experience with this new and considered by many an underperforming army. Some lists tweeks will have to be made, but I am feeling good on the direction of the army. As for painting I am still struggling deciding on what to do with the bases, but as for how the paint schemes came out I can’t be more happy.

Follow the links below to see both the battle report and hobby progress for the first week on this Necron adventure.

1st Necron Hobby Report

1st Necron Battle Report

Project Necrons

Hope you come along for the ride and check out these minis sites of Blood of Kittens