Wet Coast GT 2019 Coverage

by | Apr 19, 2019

This Friday I will be making my way to the great northwest to the always classy city of Vancouver Canada, where barely a French Canadian exists, but is home to one of the premier Warhammer 40k Tournaments in North American, the Wetcoast GT!

This time I will be “playing” and I mean this in the loosest of senses, as I am fairly sure I might be bring the most noncompetitive list (3 Land Raiders) to the event, my hope is win 1 game? I am mostly taking a terrible to list to get my games done fast, so I could cover the rest of the event. So without much luck, I should get most my games done in about an 1 hour to go on and do interviews and talk shop with my favorite/best players. One thing people should be on the look out for is to see if Jim “Adepticon Champion” Vesal  can keep his undefeated Daemon tournament steak alive. It will also be one of the first major tournaments to feature a ton of Chaos Space Marine players trying out the new Vigilus tricks. As always, to follow all the update to date information from Wet Coast GT 2019 head over to the Facebook page! Blood of Kittens Facebook As for my early prediction, until the champ Jim is beat, I just don’t see anyone really challenging him until the Spring FAQ comes out, unless some exotic Chaos Space Marine list can do the trick. Here is a few lists/players though to look out for who might be able to topple Jim Vesal 1st Overall Adepticon 2019. Alex Macdougall Gareth Hunt John-Paul Mawet Rupert Campbell

 Check back to this post from April 20th to 21th for Total Coverage

Day 1 I went through hell and back to just get to the event, with one canceled flight an overnight layover and then a delay on that flight. SO I missed my first game and got 2 great games in almost record time, but now I am burnt out, so who knows how much energy I will have to cover this event.   Also don’t have phone internet so can do any live streams sadly.  Still Day 1 is coming to a close with Jim currently on top as expected. The marquee match up though is previous winners Rupert and Alex duking it out, this will remove one the major obstacles to Jim winning the entire event. Day 2 Well things are getting started late as a few people might have not known what time the games are set to start… So forced drops are in the future even an undefeated player so far, hope things get sorted! Lots of drops, but everything got settled, and some real close battles are happening. Jim Vasel is currently winning but the game is close so can turn and same goes with Alex vs. Justin with Justin’s Orks taking a early lead, but Alex Genestealers are grinding away about to turn the tide. Round 4 Well he is still undefeated, but his first blemish as Jim Vasel tied his round 4 opponent against a Mixed IG/Knight list. Turns out they recalculated the points and Jim won his game, so he stays undefeated going into the final round 5.  Justin Winton and his Orks are on their way to be 4-0, and John-Paul is also undefeated with a tie. It is mostly up to Gareth Hunts list to determine who is playing for all the marbles.

Round 5

Jim Vasel wins the Wet Coast GT beating Justin Winton in the final round. In a match that Jim grinded out in the final 3 turns. I believe a video of the game will be up on the next couple days, will post a link here for folks when that happens.