Best of 40k Internet: The Future of Battle Reports

by | Apr 28, 2019

Last weekend I attended the Wet Coast GT 2019 and while I had barely a wifi-connection, I was noticing a newcomer to video battle reports set up some expensive rigs and equipment to film games at the Wet Coast GT 2019. Now, typically video Battle Reports often are not the best quality, but that is to be expected from a hobby such as ours. So when I saw a host of games being filmed I didn’t think much of it.

When the boys out of Play On Tabletop though finally released the final product I was simplify blown away.

I will try avoid hyperbole, but this is the most professionally produced video battle report for Warhammer 40k I have ever seen, so take a look at the championship game for all the marbles at the Wet Coast GT.

Jim Vasel (Chaos Soup) vs. Justin Whitton (Orks)

Simply amazing!