Codex Space Marines 2019: Leak Compilation

Aug 4, 2019

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k Codex: Space Marines 2019 8th Edition, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the A running compilation of rumors, leaks, sneak peaks for Codex Space Marines 2019. With new rules, point adjustments, stratagems and units. Compilation will feature both Games Workshop community info and any other Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Codex: Space Marines 2019 will be added, without notification.

Raven Guard Supplement Rules

Kayvaan Shrike – 130 Points

Warlord Traits


Enemy units cannot fire overwatch at the warlord

Master of Ambush

At the start of first battle round, before starting the turn, select 1 friendly raven guard infantry on battlefield.  Remove that unit and warlord and set them up anywhere on battlefield more than 9” from enemy deployment zone and any enemy models.  If both players have this ability, re-roll to determine who redeploys first. 

Swift and Deadly

Friendly raven guard units within 6” of this warlord can charge even if they advanced this turn.

Master of Vigilance 

When resolving an attack with a melee weapon made by this warlord, an unmodified hit roll of 6 inflicts a mortal wound in addition to normal damage.


Feigned Flight

When this warlord falls back, they can move across models and terrain.  In addition, this model can shoot and charge in a turn in which they fall back.


Echo of the Ravenspire

Once per battle, at end of the movement phase, the warlord can vanish if they are more than 6” away from any enemy models.  Remove the warlord from the battlefield and then at the end of your next movement phase deploy the model back on the battlefield more than 9” away from any enemy models. If the battle ends and this model is not on the battlefield then it is counts as destroyed.





Replaces two lightning claws. S: U, AP: -3 D: D3. +1 attack when bearer fights.  Re-roll failed wound rolls.


Armor of Shadows

When resolving an attack against this model that has an AP of -1, instead resolve it as AP 0. In addition, an unmodified hit roll of 1, 2 or 3 always fails against this model. 


Raven skull of korvaad

Once per turn, when resolving an attack by this model re-roll the hit, wound or damage roll.  In addition, when this model is destroyed by an attack made by an enemy unit, until end of the battle all friendly raven guard add 1 to hit rolls against that enemy unit.


Raven’s Fury

Model with Jump Pack only. This model can charge even if it advances.  When charge roll is made, you may re-roll the dice. After this model finishes a charge move, select an enemy unit within 1” and roll a D6.  On a 4+, that enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound,


Ex Tenebris

Replaces master crafted stalker bolt rifle, oculus bolt rifle or instigator bolt carbine.

Ring: 36”, assault 3, S: 4, AP: -2,, D: 2. Can target CHARACTER that is not the closest and add 1 to hit roll.  Ignores cover.


Oppressor’s End

Replaces combat knife.  

S: +1, AP: -2, D: 1.  +1 attack when bearer fights.  Against characters change damage to 3. 


Special Issue Wargear


Adamantium Mantle, Artificer armor, master crafted weapons, digital weapons – Same as other supplements.


Shadowmaster Cloak

3+ invul while model is wholly on a terrain feature.


Silentus Pistol

Bolt pistol or heavy bolt pistol only

Range: 12”, Pistol 2, S:5, AP: -2, D: 2. This weapon can target a character even if its not the closest and add 1 to the hit roll. 


Korvardi Bolts

This model selects one bolt weapon its equipped with.  When chosen to shoot with that weapon, may fire bolts and if you do.  That weapons range is increased by 6” and can target units that are not visible but can only make 1 attack


Shard of Isstvan

Model adds +1 attack.  Friendly units within 6” of this model automatically pass morale


Stratagems – 16 


Infiltrators – 1 CP

Use at the start of the first battle round, before the first turn begins.  Select 1 unit of friendly raven guard infantry from your army on the battlefield.  This unit may move as if it was the movement phase but must end its movement more than 9” away from any enemy unit.  If both players have such an ability, roll off to see who uses it first. A unit may be targeted by this stratagem once per game.


The Raven’s Blade – 1 CP

Use this at the start of charge phase, select 1 enemy unit on the battlefield.  Ravenguard units that declare a charge against only that unit may re-roll the charge dice.


Stranglehold – 2 CP

Use at the start of the first battle round but before first turn begins if your army contains any raven guard SCOUTS or PHOBOS units. Until end of battle round and roll D6 every time your opponent spends command points to use a stratagem.  On a 5+, your opponent must spend an additional command point or else that stratagem has no effect and cannot be used again. You may only use this stratagem once per battle. 


False Flight – 2 CP

Use this when a raven guard unit from your army falls back.  That unit can shoot and charge this turn. 


Lay Low the Tyrants – 1 CP

Use when a raven guard infantry or bike unit from you army is chosen to fight. Until end of phase, when resolving an attack made by this unit against a character that is not a vehicle that has a wound characteristic of 4 or more, add 1 to the wound roll. 


See, but remain unseen – 1 CP

Use at the end of your turn,.  Select 1 raven guard unit from your army that did not make any attacks during your turn.  Until the start of your next turn, when resolving an enemy attack against this unit subtract 1 from the hit roll. 


Strike from the Shadows – 1 CP

Use during deployment.  Select 1 raven guard infantry unit from your army.  You can deploy that unit in deep strike and set up that unit using standard deep strike rules later in the battle.


Vengeance for Isstvan 5 – 1 CP

Use in fight phase when a friendly raven guard unit is chosen to fight  Until end of phase, when resolving a melee weapon attack used against word bearers, iron warriors, night lords, and alpha legion, re-roll hits


Ambushing Fire – 2 CP

Use at start of your movement phase. If tactical doctrine is active.  Until start of the next battle round, when resolving an attack from a rapid fire or assault weapon an unmodified wound roll of 6, improves the AP by 1.  Once per battle.


Decapitating Strike – 2 CP

Use stratagem when the enemy warlord is destroyed by an attack made by a unitin your army.  Unit end of battle, all enemy units are at -1 LD.


A Deadly Prize – 1 CP

Use at end of your turn.  Select 1 objective marker within 3” of a friendly raven guard infantry and not within 3” of enemy unit.  Next time an enemy unit ends a movement within 3” of objective, Roll a D6, 2-4: D3 mortal wounds, 5+: 3 mortal wounds.  Cannot use this stratagem on same objective marker.


Force Their Hand – 1 CP



Strike from the Skies – 1 CP

Use at the start of your charge phase, select 1 raven guard jump pack unit.  Until end of phase, the unit can be chosen to charge even if it advanced that turn and add  +1” to charge distance. 


Master of the Trifold Path – 1 CP

Use this after nominating a non-named character to be your warlord.  Generate 1 additional warlord trait for them. All models in your army must have different warlord traits.


Favor of the Ravenspire – 1 CP

(Same sergeant stratagem as other supplements).  Select a Sergeant and give him a special issue wargear relic:  Artificer, Digital Weapons, Silentus Pistol, Korvardi Bolts.


Token of Brotherhood – 1 CP

Successor chapter stratagem.  If your army is a successor you may choose 1 Ravenguard relic (same as other supplements). 


Umbramancy Discipline


Umbral Form  – 5 

Until start of your next psychic phase this model has a 4+ invulnerable save. 


Enveloping Darkness – 7

Select 1 enemy unit within 18” and visible.  Until start of your next psychic phase that unit cannot fire overwatch and when resolving an attack subtract 1 to hit.  


Spectral Blade – 5

Until start of your next psychic phase this Psykers strength characteristic is equal to its leadership.  In addition, when resolving a melee weapon attack against a unit with a lower leadership characteristic the attack has AP -4. 


Shadowstep – 7

Select 1 friendly raven guard character within 18” of psyker.  Remove the model and then redeploy more than 9” from any enemy models. 


The Abyss – 6

Select 1 enemy unit within 18” and visible.  Roll 3D6 and for each 4+ that unit suffers a mortal wound.  If any models in that unit are destroyed, subtract 1 from their leadership until end of turn. 


The Darkness Within – 6

Select up to 3 enemy units within 18”, roll 1D6 for each.  Adding 1 if psychic test was more than 10. On a 4+ the unit suffers a mortal wound.  

Pre-orders August 10th 2019: August 17th 2019 Release Date

  • Codex Space Marines 2019: $40
  • Supplement Ultramarines: $30
  • Supplement White Scars: $30
  • Primaris Korsarro Khan: $40
  • Primaris Tigurius: $40
  • Primaris White Scar Upgrade Pack: $25
  • White Scar Dice: $25
  • Ultramarine Dice: $25

Point Changes Spreadsheet Link

Special Rules:

  • Build your own Successor Chapters (based on your founding Chapter) with Chapter Tactics (2 Different Traits), Litanies of Faith (Chaplain Prayers), Psychic Powers
  • Angels of Death Universal Space Marine/Heretic Rule
    • And They Shall Know No Fear: No changes
    • Bolter Discipline: As found in January 2019 White Dwarf
    • Shock Assault: If a unit charges, Heroic Intervenes, or is charged add 1 to the attacks characteristics to the unit for the rest of the turn.
  • Combat Doctrines
    • Tactical: Improve AP by 1 for Rapid-fire and Assault Weapons
    • Assault: Improve AP by 1 for Pistols and Melee Weapons
    • Devastator: Improve AP by 1 for Heavy and Grenades  Weapons
  • Chaplain Litanies
    • Litany of hate: re roll all hit rolls in the fight phase
    • Litany of faith: 5+ fnp against mortal wounds for units within 6”
    • Catechism of fire: select a friendly unit within 6”, +1 to wound rolls when shooting at the closest enemy unit
    • Exhortation of rage: select a friendly unit within 6”, melee weapons score an additional attack on an unmodified hit roll of 6+ (like death to the false emperor)
    • Mantra of strength: +1 to strength and attacks, and +1 to damage of melee weapons (affects the chaplain, not another unit)
    • Resitation of focus: select a friendly unit within 6”, +1 to hit roll for ranged weapons
    • Canticle of hate: +2 to charge rolls for friendly units while they’re within 6” of this model. In addition, pile in and consolidate range is increased by 3”

Chapter Tactics: Now Work on all Battle-Forged Space Marine units

  • Crimson Fists: Same as Feb White Dwarf with Bolter Drill and for all units
  • Black Templars: Re-roll Charge, 5+ Save to Mortal Wounds
  • Imperial Fists: Ignores Cover, Bolter Drill (exploding 6s)
  • Ultramarines: No Change, but works on all units
  • White Scars: Assault and Charge, Bikers move and shoot without penalty
  • Raven Guard: Always in Cover outside of 12′ In terrain -1 to hit
  • Salamanders: Same as before with ignores -1 AP weapons 
  • Iron Hands: 6+ Feel No Pain, Overwatch hits on 5 and 6s, Damage Tables are consider to have double the wounds.
  • Successor Chapters: Pick 1 Trait from the founding chapters traits then a second from a list of unique other traits.
    • Bolter Fusillades: re-roll 1s for Boltgun weapons
    • Long-range Marksman: +3″ range to weapons
    • Hungry for battle: Add 1 to advance and charge rolls
    • Duellists: 6s on hits automatically wound Infantry and Bikes
    • Whirlwind of Rage: 6s in melee explode for 1 additional hit 
    • Born Heroes: Heroic Intervention 6″ range and move 6″ when doing so.
    • Fearsome Aspect: -1 to LD 3″ bubble
    • Indomitable: Cannot lose more than 1 model from Moral tests. 

38 (+12) Stratagems:

  • Ultramarine Tactical Expertise 2 CP: When Tactical Doctrine is get a bonus -AP to Assault and Rapid Fire Weapons on unmodified wound rolls of 6 
  • White Scars Born in the Saddle 1 CP: 1 Biker Unit can Shoot and Advance.
  • Rapid Fire (2cp): A Intercessor squad treat their Bolt Rifles as Rapid Fire 2 unit the end of that phase.
  • Suppression fire (2cp): When a Whirlwind or Thunderfire Cannon that has not moved fires, it may fire a second time long as it’s at a unit it cannot see
  • Death to Traitors (1cp): In the fight phase, Melee on chosen unit get an additional attack on an unmodded hit roll of 6 against Heretic Astartes, rather than on 6+
  • Duty Eternal (1cp): USed when aDreadnough is attacked. Until end of phased, damage done to Dreadnought is halved rounded up.
  • Veteran Intercessor (1cp for 5 model unit, 2cp for 6+). Used before battle. Intercessor unit gains +1 attack and leadership.
    Bolt Storm (2cp): Intercessor squad with Auto Bolt Rifles, until end of phase, automatic hit targets that are within half range of auto bolt rifle.
  • Hunter Slayer Missile: Repulsor, target vehicle /monstrous creature potentially takes d3 mortal wounds, once per repulsor
  • Gravitic Amplification (1cp): unit with Grav Cannon with Grav Amp reroll to wound and damage with that weapon
  • Hammer of Wrath: Jump pack unit when charging, roll a d6 for each model. On a 5+, cause a mortal wound to enemy unit.
  • Big Guns Never Tire (1cp): Chosen Space Marine Vehicle does not suffer penalty to moving and shooting with a heavy weapon.
  • Fury of the first (1cp): Any phase. Chosen terminator unit, until the end of phase add +1 to hit rolls.
  • Target Sighted (3cp), intercessor Squad with Staker Bolters may target characters as if they were the closest, and cause a mortal wound on 6+.
  • Steady Advance (1cp): Infantry Unit, if moved apply Bolter Dicipline as if the unit hasn’t moved.
  • Skilled Rider (2cp): Biker or land speed. If they move, gain a 4+ invulv save. In advanced, gain a 3+ invulv instead.
  • Hero of the Chapter (1cp): pick a character that is not your warlord. Character gains a warlord trait.
  • Transhuman physiology (2cp). Non Vehicle or servitor. Until the end of phase when attacked, unmodified roll to wound of 1, 2, or 3, wound automatically fail.
  • Vengeance of the Machine Spirit 2cp: used when a Land Raider, Repulsor, or Stormraven Gunship goes to 0 wounds. Choose to automatic explode, make a ranged attack with a ranged weapon as if it was the shooting phase, or make one melee attack as if it was the fight phase
  • Tactical Flexibility (1cp): Used at the start of your movement phase. Any number of units that number 10 may combat squad into squads of 5
  • Adaptive strategy (1cp): At the start of the round, if there is a character on the field, rather than changing Combat Doctrine as normal may instead change Assault Doctrine to Tactical Doctrine or Tactical Doctrine to Devastator Doctrine

Warlord Traits:

  • Imperium’s Sword warlord trait add +1 strength as well as +1 attack
  • Anvil of Strength adds +2 strength rather than +1
  • Architect of War adds +2 to saving throws against -1 AP attacks rather than +1


  • The Armor Indomitus Infantry or biker, +2 armor save that for one turn may be turned into a +3 invulv
  • The Shield Eternal 3+ Invulv save, and 5+ FNP Standard of the Emperor Ascendant Only model with Astartes Banner ability/ +3” to the range of banner ability (no longer +1 to test roll). Friendly Chapter units with 9” do not roll for morale, enemies have -1 leadership within 9”
  • Teeth of Terra Chainsword. +1 extra attack (+3 vs +2 previously)
  • Primarch’s Wrath Boltgun. R 24”, Rapid Fire 2, Str 5, Ap -, D2
  • The Burning Blade Power Sword. Melee, Str +3, AP-5, D2 (+D1 from previously)
  • Puratorus Bolt Pistol, pistol 2, s5, ap-1, d2
  • Reliquary of Gathalamor Primaris only. When an enemy psychic test is taken within 18”, subtract the roll by 1. On a failed test, roll a d6. On 4+, enemy takes d3 mortal wounds
  • Bellicos Bolt Rifle Auto bolt rifle. R 24”, Assault 4, S5, AP -1, D2
  • Lament Stalker Bolt Rifle. R36”, Heavy 1, S5, AP-1, D3, On Successful wound deal an additional mortal wound.
  • Ghostweave Cloak Chameleon Cloak, Phobos Only. -1 to wound wearer
  • Tome of Malcador Librarian. +1 psychic power. Benediction of Fury
  • Chaplian only, Crozius Arcanum. Melee, S +1, AP-1, D3, Mortal Wounds on 6s.
  • The Honour Vehement Any Chapter units nearby with Angels of Death get +1 to attacks at all time from Shock Assault.
  • The Vox Espiritum Primaris Only. Model gains +3 to all auras.

Psychic Powers:

  • Indomitus discipline (Ultramaines)
    • Telepathic Assault WC 7: Select a unit within 24″ roll 2D6 +2 and compare LDs enemy unit takes 1 mortal wound for each point that exceeds leadership
  • Stormspeaking discipline (White Scars)
    • One power adds 2 to charges
    • A power stops enemy units from advancing and they can only roll 1d6 to charge 
    • A power to make a friendly unit -1 to hit and some other benefit 
    • A power you cast on a unit to stop enemy from firing overwatch when it charges, and every model that makes it into combat deals a Mortal wound on a 6

Equipment Rules:

  • Intercessor Stalker Bolt Rifle: Damage 2 (combo with Vigilus Detachment can snipe characters)
  • Autobolt Rifles: Assault 3 
  • Las fusil: 36′ Heavy 1 S8 AP -3 Damage 3
  • Sunwaith Pistol: 12″ Pistol 2 S8 AP -3 Damage 2
  • Drop Pods: Are back to being able to Deep Strike on Turn 1 regardless of type of play.
  • Roboute Guilliman: Now reroll only 1s to wound, but can re-roll both hits and misses and 350 pts
  • Units with Gravis Armor (Captain, Aggressor, Interceptors) have gone up one wound.
  • Aggressors also gained +1 attack
  • Lieutenants in Phobos Armor has the Terror Troops special Rule (-1 leadership to nearby units to units within 6”) and Smoke Grenades
  • Intercessor Sergeants can take a Hand Flamer amd thunder hammer.
  • Centurion Assault Squads gained +1 attack and +1 wound
  • Thunderfire Cannon now has a 2+ armor save, The tech marine cannot be targeted, and had 4 wounds
  • Chapter Master’s aura now lets you rerolls any die, not just failed tests
  • Bolt Sniper Rifles are now str 5 rather than strength 4
  • Demolisher Cannon now fires d6 shots
  • Tactical Marines went down 1 point per model
  • Assault Marines went down 1 point
  • Repulsor has gone up 30 points
  • Librarians has gone down 8
  • Primaris Librarian also went down in points
  • Rhino is now 65 points without weapon
  • Apothecary 30 points
  • Reavers is down 2 points
  • Storm talon is down 10 points
  • Flamestorm cannon down 1 point
  • Flamestorm Gauntlets done 1 point
  • Grav gun down 2 points
  • Grav Cannon with Amp down 8 points
  • Combat Shields down 3 points
  • Vanguard Veterans on foot are down 1 point
  • Sterguard Veterans are down 2 points (Special issue bolters are free)
  • Dreadnought and Ironclad Dreadnought went down 10 points
  • Dreadnought Close Quarters weapon also went down 10 points
  • Venerable dreadnought also went down in points, assuming by 10
  • Centurion assault squads also went down in points
  • Land speeders are now 45 points
  • Land speeder Storm also went down in price.
  • Godhammer Land Raider went down 20 points
  • Stormhawk interceptor went down 10 points

New Units

  • Captain in Phobos Armour
  • Librarian in Phobos Armour
  • Lieutenant in Phobos Armour
  • Eliminator Squad
    • Instigator bolt carbine is R24”, assault 1, S4, AP -1, D2, may target characters
    • Las Fusil R 36”, Heavy 1, S8, ap -3, D3
    • Sergeant Has Guided Aim and Covering Fire
    • Guided Aim allowed the Eliminator Sergeant to give up his shooting to give other models +1 to hit and +1 to wound
    • With Covering Fire, if the sergeant is armed with an Instigator bolt Carbine, the first time the unit is charged, after overwatch is resolved the unit may move as if it were the movement (but cannot Advance)
  • Incursor Squad
    • Troop Choice, 19 points a model, may be taken in squads of 5 to 10
    • Armed with Occulus Bolt Carbine, R 24”, Rapid Fire 1, Str 4, AP 0, D1 which ignore cover saves
    • Multi Spectrum Array: Ignore negative modifiers to hit in shooting
    • Has Paired Combat Blades. Basic melee weapon, gaining an additional hit on an unmodified roll of 6 to hit.
    • Comes with a bolt pistol, frag/krak grenades, smoke grenades, and has the Concealed Position and Combat Squad rules
    • Can take Haywire Mine. Placed on field, dealing d3 mortal wounds to the first unit to move within 3” (1d3+1 to vehicles)
  • Infiltrator Squad
    • Infiltrator Comms Array allows the infiltrator squad to benefit from Phobos Captains and Phobos Lieutenants’ auras if they are on the field.
  • Suppressor Squad
  • Invictor Tactical Warsuit
    • Elite Choice, 90 points without equipment, 1 per slot
    • Compared to Reemptor, only has T6
    • Armed with Heavy Bolter, Invictor Fist, 2 ironhail heavy stubbers, a frag launcher, a twin ironhail autocannon or Incandium Cannon
    • Comes with Explode, Concealed Position, and  Heavy Sidearm special rules
    • Invictor Fists is x2 str, AP? And D?
    • Ironhail autocannon is R 48”, Heavy 6, S7, AP -1, D2
    • Incandium Cannon is R 12”, Heavy 2d6, Str 5, AP -1, D1, Automatically hits
    • Heavy Sidearm allows the Invictor to treat the heavy bolter as a pistol when within 1” of enemy units
  • Impulsor
    • Dedicated transport choice, 75 points without equipment
    • May transport 6 Primaris Infantry models, may not transport Jump Pack or Gravis unit
    • Compared to a rhino, 14” movement, +1 wound
    • May take a Ironhail Heavy Stubber
    • May take Shield Dome, Ironhail Skytalon Array, or Bellicatus Missile Array
    • Shield Dome gives a +4 invuln save, 18 points
    • Missile Array has Frag, Krak, and Icarus profile
    • May also take orbital Comms Array, one use orbital strike. One enemy unit
    • Special Rules: Fly, Hover Tank, Assault Vehicle, Repulsor Field, Explodes
    • Assault Vehicle, an embarked unit may disembark after  the Impulsor has moved. Units disembarking cannot be chosen to charge

Space Marine Videos

Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks

Who Are the White Scars?

This is the definitive guide to the White Scars Chapter, packed with their history, culture and strategic organisation, along with bloody accounts of their glorious hunts across the stars. It features datasheets for units unique to the White Scars – a Khan on a bike and the Master of the Hunt, Kor’sarro Khan – and Chapter-specific rules for the White Scars and their successors.

First up is a new rule that is ideal if you need to make a devastating charge – it’s called, appropriately enough, Devastating Charge! The Assault Doctrine already improves the Armour Penetration of Pistols and melee weapons by 1, and when it’s combined with this +1 Damage, you’ll absolutely annihilate even the most durable enemy units.

There are six Warlord Traits, distinct to the White Scars, that allow you to personalize the leader of your hunt. The Khans of the Chapter take great pride in slaying the Emperor’s foes, and Trophy Taker rewards you for taking down the most dangerous of prey. The only worry is whether you’ll run out of enemy Characters or space to display their heads first!

The Codex Supplement also contains a brand-new psychic discipline for the White Scars – the Stormspeaking discipline. White Scars Librarians, also known as Stormseers, are able to control the very elements themselves, using Lightning Call to bring down devastation from the skies and rack up the mortal wounds on an enemy unit. They’ll need more than an umbrella to survive this storm!

The vaults of Quan Zhou, the fortress-monastery of the White Scars, are filled with beautifully crafted weapons and equipment. This is represented by a series of unique Chapter relics, which can only be taken by the White Scars, and special-issue wargear, which can also be taken by successor Chapters. Make it easier to harness the power of the elements, so that you can strike down your foes, by equipping your Librarian with the Mantle of the Stormseeker, which makes it easier to manifest psychic powers.

The book also contains a suite of Stratagems that reflect how the White Scars wage war. For example, their skill as riders is expressed by Born in the Saddle.* Along with the White Scars Chapter Tactic, this means a Biker unit can advance, shoot and charge in the same turn – a perfect example of the lightning-fast warfare that the Chapter is famous for.

This is just a taste of what’s in the Codex Supplement – it’s packed with everything you need to use an army of White Scars or their successor Chapters. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the hunt, you will cherish this book as much as a White Scar cherishes the open plain, the wind on their face and a blade in their hand.

Kor’sarro Khan

Captain of the third company, Kor’sarro Khan is known as the Master of the Hunt. This is no mere honorific, for he is tasked with tracking down those enemies who have escaped the vengeance of the White Scars. Over the years, he has brought the heads of scores of such foes back to Chogoris. Having seen the new Primaris Marines in action, he saw a chance to become an even deadlier hunter and so he demanded the opportunity to cross the Rubicon Primaris himself. 

Filled with vitality following his transformation, Kor’sarro is not only hardier (with an extra wound) but he is able to make an extra attack in close combat. Combined with the new Shock Assault rule that all Space Marines get, he has an impressive six attacks on a turn he charges, is charged or performs a heroic intervention.

The Master of the Hunt still carries his signature blade Moonfang but its rules have had a little tweak. Now with +2 Strength, he can more easily cut through any chaff that tries to keep him from his prey, while re-rolls against Characters mean that he remains a superlative hero-hunter.

Kor’sarro is now accompanied by the cyber berkut Anzuq, a gift from the Chapter Master Jubal Khan. He can loose this hunting hawk upon a target, softening them up before the inevitable charge.

Who Are the Ultramarines?

The Ultramarines are a stalwart example of the unstoppable fighting force that their Primarch Roboute Guilliman envisioned when he wrote the Codex Astartes, to define how the Adeptus Astartes would wage war. Over the last 10,000 years, the Ultramarines have been an immovable bulwark against some of the greatest threats to Mankind’s existence.

On the Battlefield

So, we know that the Ultramarines are awesome (and blue), but the question is, how does their esteemed reputation translate to the tabletop? Well, you’ve already seen how their Chapter Tactics work,* but their codex supplement offers a whole new layer of awesome abilities, Warlord Traits, Relics and psychic powers that can give them the edge they deserve in any battlefield situation. Let’s take a look at some of the perks that come with being one of Guilliman’s chosen sons (other than being the only loyalist Chapter able to show off in front of their gene-father).** 

If you read yesterday’s article on the new rules and units featured in Codex: Space Marines, you’ll know how the Combat Doctrines work. Well, such is the tactical mastery of the Ultramarines that they receive an additional benefit when the Tactical Doctrine is active – a handy advantage when moving squads or Vehicles armed with heavy weapons, and it also works well in conjunction with Bolter Discipline.

As you would expect of such a storied Chapter, the lords of Ultramar are peerless battlefield commanders, able to read the ebb and flow of battle at a glance before instantly formulating a plan to turn the tide in their favour. To this end, Codex Supplement: Ultramarines includes a set of six Warlord Traits that exemplify the strategic brilliance of the Chapter’s officers. Master of Strategy, for example, enables an accompanying unit to take advantage of the Tactical Doctrine (which, as we’ve seen above, is even better for purging bad guys).

Ultramarines Librarians will also have access to a bespoke psychic discipline that represents their indomitable mental fortitude – the aptly named Indomitus discipline. In fact, they’re so formidable in this area that they can slay their enemies through sheer willpower alone – after all, mind bullets are so last millennium!

With more than 10 millennia of war under its belt, the Ultramarines Chapter has a vast collection of battle honours, artefacts and relics of war. Within the armouries of the Fortress of Hera, the formidable mountain stronghold of the Ultramarines, there lies a number of priceless weapons and artificer wargear that can be bestowed upon a worthy commander.

You can therefore choose to give your Ultramarines Characters a Relic of Macragge instead of one from Codex: Space Marines. One such heirloom is known as the Sanctic Halo, and it offers its bearer unrivalled protection against harm – both physical and eldritch (hint: it’s basically an iron halo… BUT BETTER!).

There is also a large selection of Special-issue Wargear – these serve as alternative Chapter Relics and can be given to Characters for the Ultramarines, or one of their (many) successor Chapters.*** Check out the Sunwrath Pistol, for example, which is essentially a permanently supercharged pistol and then some!

As exemplars of strategy, it seems only right that the Ultramarines would have access to a bunch of Stratagems that reflect their mastery of war. Well, the codex supplement offers another 16 Stratagems to choose from that are unique to the Ultramarines and can be used in addition to those found in Codex: Space Marines. One of the most devastating is Tactical Expertise. It may only be usable once per battle, but it can affect your ENTIRE ARMY! When used at the right moment (just like an Ultramarines commander would – no pressure…), it can be a real game changer.

Believe it or not, there’s loads more in the codex supplement that we haven’t covered yet – including Ultramarines-specific Tactical Objectives, the awesome background section complete with detailed Chapter Organisation and even an Ultramarines name generator!**** There are also a number of bespoke Ultramarines datasheets, from the noble Captain Sicarius of the 2nd Company to power axe-wielding Honour Guard and even their glorious Primarch and Lord-Commander of the Imperium, Roboute Guilliman.

Long-term Ultramarines fans will also welcome the return of Tyrannic War Veterans as a dedicated unit. They’ll make a wonderfully thematic addition to any army that includes Chaplain Cassius (after all, he formed their order). They certainly live up to their names too – check out their Bane of Tyranids ability.

We promised yesterday that we’d take a look at Chief Librarian Tigurius, as he’s now crossed the Rubicon Primaris and emerged more powerful than ever. Well, that time has come!


As befits his new status as a Primaris Marine, Varro Tigurius has an improved profile, complete with an extra Attack, as well as another Wound provided by his Belisarian Furnace implant.

The legendary Hood of Hellfire that Tigurius wears has also been improved. In addition to offering a re-roll when taking Psychic tests, it now offers a bonus to Deny the Witch and Psychic tests. The combination of a +1 bonus and the option to re-roll will mean that even the psychic powers with the highest warp charge values will be straightforward for the Chief Librarian to manifest.

As before, Tigurius can guide the actions of his battle-brothers with his otherworldly foresight to protect them from harm.

Incursor Squad

This squad is an alternative build from the multipart Infiltrator kit (we’ll have more on the cool new stuff for them a bit later). In addition to being armed with occulus bolt carbines that rob the enemy of cover, Incursors are equipped with awesome multi-spectrum arrays that prevent them from suffering any negative modifiers when using ranged weapons. If you want a unit that can drive an enemy unit from cover with punishingly accurate volleys at rapid-fire range from the outset of the battle, you’ll want yourself an Incursor Squad (or several).

Aeldari Rangers will soon learn to fear Incursors, for cameleoline cloaks will offer no protection against such guided bolter fire! As if that wasn’t cool enough, Incursors are also armed with paired combat blades that give them an extra edge in combat.

Like their Infiltrator battle-brothers, Incursors carry smoke grenades and can set up in concealed positions, but the squad is also equipped with a haywire mine that can be planted mid-battle. Once primed, the first enemy unit to move within 3? of the haywire mine risks suffering D3 mortal wounds (or D3+1 if it’s a Vehicle) before the mine is then removed. By fielding a number of small units, you can lay enough haywire mines to make it near-suicidal to approach – it’s ‘Area Denial 101’ and Incursors are, without a doubt, some of its finest practitioners!

If you fancy being more unapologetically aggressive than sneaky (we’re talking a fist-to-the-jaw level of aggression here), our next entry has a number of ways to help.


An Impulsor is a fantastic all-round support vehicle. In addition to a huge variety of weapon options and other handy upgrades, it’s also a nifty transport option for your Primaris Space Marines, able to bear six models (perfect for shifting a squad of five and an accompanying Character) safely to battle within its armoured hull. If you need to race forward and claim an objective, an Impulsor is the perfect delivery system thanks to its Assault Vehicle ability.

To better protect its valuable cargo, an Impulsor can be equipped with a shield dome for a 4+ invulnerable save. But this is more than just a transport vehicle – instead of a shield dome, you can take an ironhail skytalon array for some solid anti-air firepower, or a bellicatus missile array for a choice of three missile warheads (frag, krak and Icarus). Alternatively, equipping your Impulsor with an orbital comms array enables you to call down some seriously heavy fire support in the form of an orbital bombardment!

With all of these options from just one vehicle, we’ve got a feeling that Impulsors are going to be popular options among Space Marines armies in the very near future. Speaking of popularity, next up is everyone’s soon-to-be favourite gunfighting war machine of death!

Invictor Tactical Warsuit

An Invictor Tactical Warsuit is, in essence, a Redemptor Dreadnought that has been stripped back and redesigned with lighter, sound-dampening materials for use on covert operations. Why is this cool? Because their design makes them so stealthy that they can even set up in a concealed forward position like the Infiltrators and Incursors! In addition to a hard-hitting Invictor fist, the warsuit is armed with a powerful primary weapon in the form of flame-throwing incendium cannon and a twin ironhail autocannon with which it can unleash your choice of fiery or high-velocity death.

Of course, we couldn’t talk about the Invictor Tactical Warsuit without mentioning the pistolised heavy bolter strapped to its hip. The warsuit’s pilot can use its Invictor fist to draw and fire it, even at point-blank range! How cool is that?!

On that note, a number of you have been asking whether or not you can assemble the Invictor Tactical Warsuit with the heavy bolter clutched in its fist. Well, we can happily confirm that you can! 

That’s not all! With new multipart plastic kits to call upon, the Infiltrators and Eliminators will soon have access to powerful new wargear options (by which we mean a selection of new and interesting ways to deliver grievous death to the Emperor’s enemies). Let’s take a look…

Infiltrator Squad

As before, Infiltrators are able to set up in no man’s land with their Concealed Positions ability and use their omni-scramblers to keep enemy reinforcements at bay – a huge advantage when it comes to maintaining control of the battlefield. However, instead of assembling one of your Infiltrators as a Helix Adept, you can equip one of your squad with an Infiltrator comms array.

This handy bit of kit lets them concentrate on the merciless destruction of the enemy without having to worry about the proximity of a Phobos Captain and Phobos Lieutenant for their handy aura abilities – perfect for when you’re sneaking around behind enemy lines.

Finally, we’ve got the squad with such a choice of awesome ammunition it would make a Vindicare Assassin’s synskin turn green with envy…

Eliminator Squad

Primaris Space Marines wearing camo cloaks and armed with 8-foot-long guns – what’s not to love? These deadly marksmen can now target enemy Characters with all three of their bolt sniper rifles’ ammo types (executioner, hyperfrag and mortis rounds), and their ammo profiles have been ramped up – for starters, they’re now all Strength 5!

Alternatively, you can assemble your Eliminators with las fusils, which are the first dedicated anti-tank weapons for your Primaris infantry. A couple of so-armed units will reduce even the toughest vehicles to molten slag in short order – they’re called ‘Eliminators’ for good reason!

The Eliminator Sergeant can also play one of two crucial roles in the squad. The Guided Aim ability enables him to forgo his own shooting to add 1 to the hit and wound rolls of the Eliminators under his command – making sure those crucial kill-shots get the best chance of success.

Meanwhile, a Sergeant equipped with an instigator bolt carbine is perfect for luring your enemies into a trap (the hearts of a thousand Raven Guard players just skipped a beat). All you need to do is place your ‘hapless’ Eliminators in charge range of an enemy unit, and when your foe has committed, simply withdraw (after firing Overwatch for good measure). Your opponent’s unit will be left exposed, ready to gun down or counter-charge at your leisure while your Eliminators mock (and shoot) them from a safe distance!

Non-codex Chapters

So, with all this exciting news of new units, we’re going to take a moment just to explore how the new codex affects Space Marine Chapters of the First Founding who are not strictly codex-compliant – specifically the Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Dark Angels. Don’t worry, if you like your Space Marines chisel-jawed and handsome, hairy and scary or robed, we’ve got you covered. In addition to the bespoke units featured in their respective codexes, these Chapters will also have access to the new units from Codex: Space Marines as follows:

Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Dark Angels:

  • Captain in Phobos Armour
  • Librarian in Phobos Armour
  • Lieutenant in Phobos Armour
  • Eliminator Squad
  • Incursor Squad
  • Infiltrator Squad
  • Suppressor Squad
  • Invictor Tactical Warsuit
  • Impulsor
  • Primaris Repulsor Executioner

The full datasheets and matched play points values for each of these units will soon be available as a free PDF download for each of these Chapters, along with the rules for the Shock Assault ability.* Essentially, if you collect one of these Chapters, you can still pick up Codex: Space Marines for all the expanded lore, background and aforementioned datasheets, but you don’t need it to add the new units to your collection and use them in battle – your codex is still fully functional!

Believe it or not, there’s still more! We’ve been keeping one last part of the new Angels of Death ability up our sleeves… until now!

Angels of Death: Combat Doctrines

Combat Doctrines represent the structured way in which adherents of the Codex Astartes overcome any adversary. First of all, they bombard their enemies from afar with heavy weaponry, then they advance on their positions while delivering punishing volleys of bolter fire, before charging in to crush whatever’s left in brutal melee.

Veterans of previous editions may remember that the Ultramarines had a form of this ability a number of years back. Now, it doesn’t just apply to them, but to all of the Chapters (and any successor Chapters you’ve created) that use the rules from Codex: Space Marines. Here’s how it works…

Your Space Marines will begin the battle with the Devastator Doctrine active. At the start of any of your turns (after the first), you can choose to change from the Devastator Doctrine to the Tactical Doctrine, and again on a later turn, from the Tactical Doctrine to the Assault Doctrine. Once you’ve changed doctrines, you can’t go back – your Space Marines are already committed –but your current doctrine will remain active for the remainder of the battle unless changed. Here are the benefits you can look forward to while each doctrine is active – suffice it to say that your opponent’s saving throws are in for a shock!

Successor Chapters

In the wake of the Horus Heresy, the original Space Marine Legions were disbanded, their fighting strength reformed into dozens of smaller Chapters. One Chapter from each Legion – known as its First Founding Chapter – kept the original Legion’s name and home world. The others were known as successor Chapters, and would eventually establish new home worlds across the Imperium. This act was known as the Second Founding. In the 10,000 years since, there have been many subsequent Foundings, resulting in the creation of over a thousand successor Chapters, all of which share the same genetic material and Primarch primogenitor as their parent Chapter. The most recent was the Ultima Founding, which consisted entirely of Primaris Marines.

Many of the successor Chapters share similar, even identical, martial practices to their First Founding Chapter – especially those of Ultramarines genetic stock, who tend to strictly adhere to the tactical teachings of Roboute Guilliman’s Codex Astartes. Yet there are others whose fighting traditions diverge radically according to the preferences of their founding Chapter Master, the nuances of their home or recruitment worlds, or to meet the needs of a particularly defining campaign.

Let’s look at how you can field successor Chapters on the battlefield.

Choosing Your Chapter

This is the bit where you get to shape the future of the 41st Millennium by creating your own Space Marine successor Chapter! To do so, you need to choose a name, Chapter icon and colour scheme. Unless you’d prefer the knowledge of their genetic heritage to remain unknown (a fate shared by the Blood Ravens), you should also choose a First Founding Chapter to be your successor’s parent Chapter.

Another fun part about introducing a new Chapter to the grim darkness of the far future is creating its own history. Which planet is their home world, and in which Segmentum is it located? Is it situated beyond the Cicatrix Maledictum, in the Imperium Nihilus? Who is their Chapter Master, and what relics of the Chapter does he wield? Were they gifts from fellow Chapters (perhaps even their parent Chapter) or hard-earned as battle honours?

But that’s not all – with the new codex, you can now decide how they fight in battle, too, by creating your own custom Chapter Tactics for your newly founded successor Chapter. You do this by picking any combination of two Successor Tactics from the 19 listed in Codex: Space Marines. Each Successor Tactic provides your Chapter with a powerful in-game ability – whether you choose a combination that suits a particular narrative you have in mind or simply your favoured devastating battlefield combo is up to you!

There are a huge variety of outcomes available, ranging from one extreme to the other. In fact, you can even directly replicate the Chapter Tactic of a First Founding Chapter according to its genetic heritage in the lore, or one on which you’ve chosen to base a successor Chapter of your own creation.

If you want your Chapter Tactics to sit somewhere in the middle, by giving a nod to those of your First Founding Chapter without fully committing to them, there are plenty of options. For example, Master Artisans represents one aspect of the Salamanders Chapter Tactics – namely the re-rolls granted by the exceptional craftsmanship of their wargear…

…Meanwhile, Stealthy mirrors one of the abilities of the Raven Guard Chapter Tactics.

In either of these cases, you’ll still be free to select a second Successor Tactic to add your own narrative or competitive flair and make the Chapter your own. Of course, at the far end of the spectrum is the total freedom to create a Successor Tactic combination of your choice, free from any obligation to a First Founding Chapter. To that end, here’s an example of a Successor Chapter that excels in obliterating their foes with deadly accurate firepower from a distance with their choice of tactics…

Alternatively, if you want to go for a more narrative spin, you can base your choice of tactics on your Chapter’s history in the lore (or one you’ve created for them). The Scythes of the Emperor, for example, were nearly annihilated by Hive Fleet Kraken during the Second Tyrannic War and swore vengeance against them. Preferred Enemy (choosing Tyranids as the keyword) would, therefore, be a great option, as would Indomitable for the stoic determination they showed when faced with the numberless hordes of Tyranids.

With the arrival of Successor Tactics in the new codex, commanding a Chapter of your own creation has never been easier! We’ll have more on this subject next week as we showcase armies belonging to some Space Marines fans who have created their own Successor Chapters and carefully selected their tactics.

 First up, it’s the new Chapter Tactics…

Before we focus on some of the changes to the existing Chapter Tactics, it’s worth mentioning the Crimson Fists – fresh from their recent appearance in White Dwarf’s Index Astartes – are also in the new codex! That’s right, Pedro Kantor’s famously stoic Chapter now joins their fellow Imperial Fists successors, the Black Templars, as one of the eight featured Chapters in the book, complete with their own tactics…

To make the most of this powerful Chapter Tactic, fielding multiple small units of Crimson Fists is the way to go. Units of five Intercessors equipped with your bolt rifle of choice will do you especially proud. With careful target priority, many of your Crimson Fists units will be hitting on a 2+, which is a massive deal – especially if you have a Captain nearby for those handy re-rolls to hit, making their precision even more lethal.


The chance of an additional hit on a roll of 6 is a nice perk too – especially when firing the new and improved stalker bolt rifle.

That’s a potential 4 wounds from a single shot! Next up, we have their fellow Imperial Fists successors, the Black Templars.

The subtle change to their ability to re-roll failed charge rolls – namely the freedom to re-roll just one of the dice if desired – will have a significant effect on the average charge distance rolled. Furthermore, the ability to ignore mortal wounds, be it from psychic powers or deadly weaponry, is a welcome new addition to their Chapter Tactics and indicative of their fiery determination. Successful charges in your second turn, after disembarking from a Rhino or Land Raider Crusader, should be no problem at all!


We’ve seen the Imperial Fists’ two legendary successors, now we’ll look at the First Founding Chapter itself…

As you can see, the Imperial Fists still deny the enemy the effects of cover, but they can also score additional hits with bolt weapons. Centurion Devastators or Aggressors with boltstorm gauntlets are therefore excellent choices to bolster your mighty Sons of Dorn. The enemies of the Imperial Fists can expect to face punishing salvos with nowhere to hide.


It’s time to see the archetypal adepts of the Codex Astartes…

The Ultramarines Chapter Tactic remains as versatile as ever, bolstering the effectiveness of And They Shall Know No Fear with an extra pip of Leadership, and granting them the powerful ability to Fall Back and still gun down their foes. However, a crucial change to all Chapter Tactics in the codex is that they now apply not merely to Infantry, Bikers and Dreadnoughts, but to ALL UNITS in a Space Marines Detachment!* This means that even Ultramarines vehicles engaged in melee can simply pull back from combat and blow the offending assailants away! This strategy is especially useful with a flamer-toting vehicle, such as a Land Raider Redeemer, as they won’t even suffer the penalty to hit! That’s a pretty sneaky “practical” trick for an Ultramarine…


The Chogorian Sons of the Great Khan are up next.

If you thought the White Scars were swift as the wind before, now they’re EVEN FASTER! The ability to Advance and charge grants them the equivalent of a 3D6 charge range, and models equipped with Assault weapons – such as Intercessors with auto bolt rifles – can fire at full accuracy even as they do so. White Scars Bikers are also now free to stay on the move, all the while firing their Heavy weapons with no penalties to their hit rolls. They take mobile warfare to a whole new level, just as you imagine they would!


We’ve covered speed, now for some stealth…

At ranges of over 12”, Raven Guard essentially always count as being in cover, and if they’re already in cover they’ll also be harder to hit, unless they’re a vehicle. This gives the Raven Guard a huge advantage in the early stages of the battle by heavily restricting anything but the closest incoming firepower. Of course, vehicle smoke launchers and the smoke grenades used by Infiltrators can hamper the aim of enemy units further still! With the right combination of units, you’ll be able to control the game, forcing your opponent to engage you at close range – right where you want them!


The Sons of Vulkan already had a powerful Chapter Tactic on account of the re-rolls offered by their masterwork wargear, so how that it possibly get any better?

Well, in addition to their vehicles now benefitting from those incredibly handy re-rolls to hit and wound, the saving throws of Salamanders units will be unimpeded by those pesky -1 AP weapons… nasty! Five-man Tactical Squads armed with a single special or heavy weapon are great options here, both for re-rolls to their hardest-hitting weapon and their increased survivability.


Last, but by no means least, are the cybernetically enhanced Iron Hands…

In addition to effectively ignoring a sixth of their wounds lost, the Iron Hands are deadly accurate when firing Overwatch and their vehicles will fight at full capacity until they’re all but destroyed. If your opponent is trying to pick off your Repulsor Executioner before it can wreak havoc on their army with its murderous main gun, they’re in for quite a challenge!

Codex: Space Marines – Indomitus Edition

If your love of Space Marines is absolute, make sure you get hold of the Indomitus Edition of the new codex. Not only does it have all the amazing new content of the standard hardback edition (more on that below), but it’s bound in a premium-quality, soft-touch cover and comes with gilt-edged pages and a black ribbon marker. And that’s just the book…

The Indomitus Edition comes presented in a specially designed box that’s covered in embossed details, along with loads of awesome, exclusive content, such as:

  • A numbered certificate, hand-written by Roboute Guilliman himself,* inviting you to join his Indomitus Crusade.
  • A double-sided poster featuring a galaxy map that shows the Space Marine homeworlds and crusade fleets on one side, and 103 examples of Space Marine Chapters with their colour schemes and Chapter icons on the other.
  • 10 metal Space Marine Company coins (great for Objective Markers), each featuring a Company number on one side and the Company Captain’s honorific on the reverse.
  • 124 cards for easy reference during a game, divided into three sets:
    • Set 1 – 49 cards (36 Tactical Objectives, 13 psychic powers)
    • Set 2 – 48 cards (38 Stratagems, 3 Combat Doctrines, 7 Litanies of Battle)
    • Set 3 – 27 Chapter Tactics (8 Chapter Tactics, 19 Successor Tactics)

The Indomitus Edition is strictly limited to 800 copies, so don’t miss out. Seriously – calibrate your chronometer, get your parents or partner to kick you out of bed, do whatever you need to do to make sure you’re online and ready to pre-order this incredible set!

Codex: Space Marines

The new codex features the most exhaustive background and bestiary for the Space Marines that we’ve ever compiled into a single book. The origins and purpose of the Primaris Marines have also been covered in intimate detail, including their creation by the genius of Belisarius Cawl and their role within the Indomitus Crusade, as well as their integration within the existing Chapters and creation of new Chapters through the Ultima Founding.

On the battlefield, the army-wide abilities of the Space Marines have been overhauled, leading to a wealth of expanded rules. There are customisable Successor Chapter Tactics, two psychic disciplines, Litanies of Faith that can be bellowed forth by the Chaplains and more besides!

Codex: Space Marines will be available in hardback and digital formats.

Datacards: Space Marines

As even the lowliest Chapter serf knows, the Space Marines are equipped with the finest wargear Mankind can provide to ensure their success in battle – and you should be too! Thankfully, the Space Marine Datacards set has you covered, as it includes 36 Tactical Objectives, 38 Stratagems, 13 psychic powers, seven Litanies of Battle and three Combat Doctrines to help you keep track of all the in-game effects.

Codex Supplements: Ultramarines and White Scars

Codex: Space Marines enables you to field armies belonging to any Chapter (or even one of your own creation). However, if you seek to take your dedication to the First Founding Chapters (and their successors) to the next level, that’s where the codex supplements come in…

The enormous background sections of each supplement will bring a new level of depth, with detailed breakdowns of Chapter organisation and iconography, as well as their full history and a bestiary of their unique Characters and units. The codex supplements will also include all of their associated Chapter’s named Characters and other units – such as Chief Librarian Tigurius, Kor’sarro Khan and a Khan on Bike – along with bespoke relics, psychic powers, Warlord Traits and many other abilities that help to define their character.

The first two codex supplements in the upcoming range – which are also available to pre-order next weekend – are for the noble Ultramarines and fiercely proud White Scars. Both supplements will be available as a Collector’s Edition (with fantastic full-cover art), standard hardback and in a digital format.

If you’re picking up one, or both, of the codex supplements, don’t forget to grab the accompanying Datacards. Each set features all of their Chapter’s bespoke Tactical Objectives and Stratagems, as well as the seven psychic power cards from the Indomitus discipline (Ultramarines) and Stormspeaking discipline (White Scars).


Of course, no release would be complete without dice – show your allegiance to the Ultramarines and White Scars with their Chapter-specific dice sets!

New and New(ish) Miniatures!

To celebrate the launch of their codex supplements, the Ultramarines and White Scars will each be receiving an incredible new miniature of a legendary hero from their respective Chapters who have now crossed the Rubicon Primaris. Welcome the new Chief Librarian Tigurius and Kor’sarro Khan (the latter accompanied by an ancient Chogorian cyber berkut called Anzuq). We could rant and rave about how awesome they are, but in this case it seems more appropriate to let the models themselves do the talking – behold!


But that’s not all – remember this guy from the Wake the Dead boxed set? Well, as of next weekend, you’ll be able to order this awesome Primaris Lieutenant with Power Sword separately!

On the topic of new miniatures, you’ll soon be able to upgrade the Mk X Tacticus and Gravis power armour of your White Scars Primaris models and kit them out in Chapter-specific transfers with the aptly named White Scars Primaris Upgrades and Transfers set!

With the excitement palpable, we managed to corral together some of the most fanatical Space Marines fans (some of whom were writers and miniatures designers responsible for developing the new Space Marines books and miniatures), to speak with them about why they love the Emperor’s Finest so much.

The Space Marines, the Emperor’s avenging Angels of Death, are undeniably the most iconic faction in Warhammer 40,000, their imagery as integral to the universe as the Imperial Aquila, and we’re about to enter a golden new age for the Adeptus Astartes…

Well, it appears that Marneus Calgar is not the only Space Marine to have crossed the Rubicon Primaris. Chief Librarian Tigurius of the Ultramarines and Kor’sarro Khan of the White Scars have followed in his mighty footsteps and have been reimagined as stunning new miniatures.

You may be wondering what that cool new war machine is. Well, it’s called an Invictor Tactical Warsuit! Whereas a Dreadnought serves as a front-line brawler or mobile heavy weapons platform, this lightly armoured walker is often found fighting alongside units from a Vanguard strike force on recon missions.

The Invictor Tactical Warsuit is designed with sound-dampening materials, enabling it to move at great speed with minimal noise output in support of the living pilot’s Vanguard brethren. In fact, it can even set up alongside them in concealed deployment! And yes, that totally is a pistolised heavy bolter strapped to its hip! The list of terrifying things that might be sneaking up on you in the dark corners of the 41st Millennium has just got longer.

All of the Primaris Vanguard units that featured in Shadowspear are also set to receive their own kits very soon. Indeed, the mystery of the ‘las fusils’ mentioned on the Eliminators’ Apocalypse datasheet that a few eagle-eyed among you spotted will also be revealed! But what about the cool-looking tank? Well, that’ll be the Impulsor. We know that you’ve been after a dedicated transport for your Primaris Space Marines, and this is the answer! We’ll have more on these units over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.


The Space Marines are also set to receive a new codex. Not just any codex, mind, but the best codex we’ve ever made, a tome worthy of Roboute Guilliman himself! First of all, the datasheets included in the book will be available to all the First Founding Chapters and their successors, so whichever Space Marine Chapter(s) hold your allegiance, you’ll be able to use the full spectrum of units available to the Adeptus Astartes – even if you’re a Blood Angels, Space Wolves or Dark Angels player!

To suggest that an Imperial Fist and a White Scar fight in the same way is nearly heresy – and the new codex and codex supplements really lean into the distinct identities of each Chapter to ensure they work on the tabletop the way they do in the lore. Codex: Space Marines has everything you need to play with an army of gene-enhanced super-soldiers, and each of the supplements offers you additional, Chapter-specific datasheets and thematic rules that emphasise their unique heritage and the genetic legacy of their Primarch.

One iconic feature of all Space Marines is the sheer physical brutality with which they tear into the Emperor’s foes once combat is joined. To help facilitate this on the tabletop, the universal traits of the Space Marines have been combined into a new catch-all ability called Angels of Death, which incorporates the usual suspects – And They Shall Know No Fear and Bolter Discipline – as well as this cheeky little number…

Cool, huh? And before you ask, yes, as Adeptus Astartes, the Grey Knights and Deathwatch will also receive this updated ability, so if purging Daemons and xenos is your thing, you’re still covered! “But what about us?” we hear you (dis)loyal fans of the Traitor Legions cry, “We love hitting things in combat too!” Well, you’re right… In fact, you’re so right that you’re also getting Shock Assault! Chaos Space Marines, Death Guard and Thousand Sons may be ‘Heretic’ Astartes, but they’re still Space Marines and they fight with the same brutal fury of their loyalist kin.

That’s not even all – Codex: Space Marines also has extensive rules for Successor Chapter Tactics to support the creation of your own Chapter of Space Marines. Whether you’ve always had a particular theme in mind for your Chapter that you’d like to represent on the battlefield, or simply wish to enhance your favoured play style, you can be your own Chapter Master. Simply pick two Successor Tactics from the long list of awesome choices included in the codex and you’re good to go!