Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good Leak Compilation

Feb 7, 2020

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the A running compilation of rumors, leaks, sneak peaks for Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good . With new rules, point adjustments, stratagems and units. Compilation will feature both Games Workshop community info and any other Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders: February 8th 2020 Release Date: February 15th 2020 Release Date

  • Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good : $40
  • Shadowsun: $45
  • Genestealer Cult Start Collecting: $95
  • Kelermorph: $30

Tau Empire Rules

See the Tau Empire Codex Compendium for all the Update Rules

Codex Compendium

Genestealer Cults Rules

See the Genestealer Cults Codex Compendium with all the Update Rules

Codex Compendium

Astra Militarum Rules

See the Astra Militarum Codex Compendium with all the Update Rules

Codex Compendium

Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks

It’s fair to say that your Militarum Tempestus Detachments will be more tactically flexible and customisable than ever before! But that’s not all…

Heirlooms of the Regiments

Choosing one of the Militarum Tempestus regiments also unlocks access to a unique Relic. The 32nd Thetoid Eagles, for example, can make use of a brutally powerful hot-shot laspistol that can consistently dish out mortal wounds.

Warlord Traits

Do you prefer to lead your army with an officer of the Ordo Tempestus? If so, you’ve got even more to look forward to! As with the Relics, each of the six named regiments comes with a bespoke Warlord Trait that represents the military heritage of the officers who lead them. 

The commanders of the 55th Kappic Eagles are well-versed in the logistics of mobile warfare, ensuring that communications are maintained even as their forces roar into battle. Load up on Valkyrie and Taurox transports to make the most of your Warlord’s augmented Voice of Command range and the ability to use it even when embarked.

That’s not all – you’ll also be able to utilise a number of powerful new tricks…


The Militarum Tempestus are about to receive another 14 Stratagems – eight universal and six regiment-specific – to give them an even sharper edge on the battlefield.

Precision Drop is a potential game-changer – you can now perform a pin-point accurate Grav-chute Insertion a mere 5” from an enemy unit (risk-free!) and give ’em hell at point-blank range. Crucially, you can do so within half-range of your meltaguns! You took meltaguns in your squad, right?

Ever been torn between two Warlord Traits, unable to decide which one to choose?* The Progeny of Conflict Stratagem is the answer – simply pick another suitable candidate and use both. Double Warlords for the win!

Pretty cool, huh? The T’au Empire and Genestealer Cults (or any other faction, for that matter) won’t know what hit them when the Militarum Tempestus get stuck in! That is, unless they have spies who read this article…

Regimental Doctrines

If you’ve got Codex: Space Marines, you’ll be familiar with this concept, which enables you to custom build your own factional rules – in this case, your own Regimental Doctrine – instead of choosing from a pre-existing set. To do so, you pick two rules from the 12 options available to form your Regimental Doctrine, based on your favoured style of gameplay or the narrative you’ve created for your army.

If you want to hold the line and gun down your enemies with an overwhelming weight of fire, for example, Gunnery Experts and Disciplined Shooters are two great options for maximising your number of shots.

Firstly, your Leman Russ turret weapons and heavy artillery vehicles will be able to up their effectiveness with re-rolls on the number of attacks they make. Meanwhile, your Guardsmen will be churning out two shots apiece (or four shots with a First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire! order) at up to 18” range!

Alternatively, you could create an elite armoured company by choosing Combined Auspex for more accurate Overwatch fire, and Jury-rigged Repairs for a chance to regain lost wounds even in the heat of battle.

Tank Aces

Give tanks to the Emperor,* for you’ll soon be able to make your armoured behemoth of choice even better!

Instead of choosing a Warlord Trait, you can select a Tank Ace ability to apply to one of your eligible Astra Militarum vehicles. Alternatively – or in addition if you want to include two Tank Aces – you can spend a single Command Point to use the Tank Ace Stratagem…

Do you get frustrated when you score a direct hit on an opponent’s prize vehicle with your vanquisher battle cannon, only to be denied when they pass a cheeky 6+ save? Rob them of the chance by making your Tank Ace a Weapon Expert! Alternatively, against infantry-heavy armies, you can ‘gunish’ them with even greater ferocity by giving your punisher gatling cannon an AP of -1.

What’s more, that’s just one of the options for a Leman Russ Tank Ace. There are further abilities available for artillery vehicles and even super-heavy tanks such as a Baneblade. In fact, you can choose to give your super-heavy Tank Ace a Regimental Doctrine – great for complementing your army’s play style or representing a narrative on the battlefield.


Let’s be honest – whether it’s for the powerful in-game effects or the thematic nuances they represent, everyone loves Stratagems! Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good includes even more that can be used by various Astra Militarum units. Some of them are situational in nature, but in the right circumstances (or if you’ve tailored your army to make the most of them) you can get some serious bang for your buck, as they’re quite the bargain in Command Points.

Take Splash Damage, for example, which can be devastating when employed against enemies skulking in cover, and costs only 1 Command Point.

Another excellent choice that you can activate for a single Command Point is Strike First, Strike Hard. By fielding a trio of Armoured Sentinels armed with lascannons, you’ll be able to unleash three tank-busting shots that’ll hit on a 2+ in your first turn!

If you’re an Astra Militarum fan, suffice it to say that you’re going to love the depth and breadth of new tactical

There is a canker that grows across the Imperium, rarely noticed until it’s too late – the Genestealer Cults. Now, with the release of The Greater Good, these insidious cells will have a range of new tools with which to overthrow their oppressors.

Cult Creeds

Feeling downtrodden? Crushed by the relentless yoke of the Imperial machine? Ever thought that joining a Genestealer Cult would solve all your problems but you’ve never managed to find the right one? Well, now you can start your own! The Greater Good lets you create your own Cult Creed by selecting any two rules from a comprehensive list.

Do you like the speed and maneuverability of Atalan Jackals but wish that they, and the Jackal Alphus, could move and still shoot at full efficiency? Then choose the Agile Outriders rule, which was originally only available to cultists from The Rusted Claw.

But what if you wanted to combine it with a way to make psychic powers more reliable? Well, add Unnatural Symbiosis to your Cult Creed and your psykers will be dishing out powers left, right and centre. As an added bonus, re-rolling those 1s will mean you’re less likely to suffer Perils of the Warp too. Truly a blessing from the Star Children!

Speaking of psychic powers…

Cult Psychic Powers

For those players who prefer to use one of the six best-known Genestealer Cults, you now have access to a new psychic power, which can be taken instead of generating one from the Broodmind discipline. Fans of the gene-splicing Twisted Helix can give their warriors an unnatural blessing with Mutagenic Deviation. Use this alongside your Purestrain Genestealers to easily cut through enemy infantry.

Psychic powers aren’t enough for a successful revolution though, you’ll also need some new tactics.


Before the release of Codex: Genestealer Cults last year, the followers of the Star Children had to resort to taking the blue denim trousers of their enemies as a legitimate tactic.* The Greater Good adds an array of new Stratagems to those found in the codex. Combine Prepared Ambush with a unit of 20 Neophyte Hybrids to unleash a hail of autogun fire on your enemies.

This is just one from a collection of Stratagems that will allow you to easily show the truth to any who would deny the divine nature of the Star Children.

Get ready to battle for hearts and minds in the next chapter of the Psychic Awakening saga. Since the book is called The Greater Good, we’re kicking off our series of faction focuses with a look at the rules for the T’au Empire.

Sept Tenets

Codex: T’au Empire gave your T’au Empire army extra rules if all of the units in a Detachment were from the same sept. But what if you didn’t want to use one of the five main septs or the Farsight Enclaves? What if you prefer one of the lesser-known septs or you wanted to make your own?

Well, good news! The Greater Good allows you to choose your own sept and select two rules to create a new Sept Tenet. Fans of the XV104 Riptide and XV88 Broadside Battlesuits will definitely want to pick Stabilisation Systems so that they can move and still fire at full effectiveness.

If you enjoy gunning down enemies with massed fields of fire as they charge you, then Soldiers in Arms is for you. People will definitely think twice before charging your gunline now.

Whatever tactics your sept prefers, you’ll be able to create tenets that reflect the way you like to bring enlightenment to the galaxy’s more ignorant races.

Prototype Weapons Systems

The T’au never rest on their laurels and the Earth caste have been busy developing weapons and equipment for the Warlords of the Empire. Keep enemy reinforcements away from your lines (where you can shoot them more easily) with the Advanced EM Scrambler for the XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit. 

This is just a taste of the new gadgets that the T’au Empire are getting in The Greater Good.


The T’au Empire hasn’t just been working on tools of war, the finest minds of the Fire caste have also been developing tactics and so the book contains a host of additional Stratagems. Coordinated Engagement will ensure that your XV8 Crisis Battlesuits totally obliterate an enemy unit by taking advantage of 5(!) markerlight counters.

The range of Stratagems in The Greater Good will help you stay one step ahead of the galaxy’s older races.

Farsight Enclaves

It’s not just the main T’au Empire that are getting new rules in The Greater Good though – the rebellious Commander Farsight and his followers have also developed some different ways to obliterate their enemies. 

Those who fight for Farsight are well known for their preference to battle up close and personal. Take advantage of this with your Breacher and Strike Teams by using the Danger Close Stratagem.

A new Farsight Enclaves Warlord Trait will help your warriors get to grips with the enemy quicker. Aggressive Tactician means that even more units will be affected when you declare Mont’ka.*

While away from the T’au Empire, Farsight has spent a long time learning the tactics of his enemies. A Relic for the Enclaves allows him to pass on his knowledge to one of his warriors.

Whether you’re joining the Farsight Enclaves or creating your own T’au Sept, the next Psychic Awakening book in the series is full of ways for you to spread the Greater Good throughout the galaxy.

Along with the next chapter of the Psychic Awakening saga, the greatest living hero of the T’au Empire is getting a new model. Join us as we take a closer look at who Shadowsun is, her forthcoming miniature and updated rules.

Who Is She?

More than 400 years ago, O’Shaserra was one of the most promising warriors in the Fire caste academies. As such, she was selected to train under the legendary Commander Puretide, where she excelled, outstripping all others save one – the most highly favoured of all Puretide’s students, Commander O’Shovah. Upon the death of Commander Puretide, O’Shaserra was placed into stasis so that his teachings could live on for future generations.

In the intervening years, O’Shaserra has been awoken several times – she helped to turn back the largest Ork invasion that the T’au Empire had ever faced, during which she earned the name Shadowsun. Selected to lead the Third Sphere Expansion, her victories proved her to be the true heir to Commander Puretide’s legacy. Revived again following the disappearance of the Fourth Sphere Expansion, Shadowsun leads an armada to seek her lost kin.

As part of the Fifth Sphere Expansion, Shadowsun’s armada discovered the lost T’au and defended the Startide Nexus from the forces of the Death Guard. Now she begins a new era of expansion for her people.

As you can see, this stunning new miniature perfectly fits in with the aesthetics of the rest of the T’au range. The model also conveys a sense of motion, which contrasts with the heavier, more static battlesuits of the septs.

Battlesuit Upgrades

Shadowsun has received a brand-new version of the XV22 Stalker battlesuit, and it is now better than ever. Along with a flechette launcher, pulse pistol and light missile pod, she now has the choice of taking dispersed fusion blasters for melting Space Marines or high-energy fusion blasters for taking out enemy armour. Can’t decide? Well, you can always take one of each!

While Shadowsun has kept her MV62 Command-link Drone, her MV52 Shield Drones have been replaced with an MV37 Advanced Guardian Drone.

As the overall commander of the Fifth Sphere Expansion, O’Shaserra is now able to join any T’au Sept in battle. Yes, she can even fight alongside her great rival, Commander Farsight. 

Whichever Sept you choose to lead with Shadowsun, she is an excellent commander as well as the bane of vehicles and heavy infantry across the battlefields of the 41st Millennium.

Next week is going to be a great one for both Warhammer 40,000 and Adeptus Titanicus, with exciting new books and miniatures for both! First, we find out how the Psychic Awakening has impacted both the T’au Empire and Genestealer Cults,  


The Greater Good is the latest book in the Psychic Awakening series, focusing on the ambitious T’au Empire, stalwart Astra Militarum and Ordo Tempestus, and insidious Genestealer Cults. You’ll find new rules, Relics, Warlord Traits and Stratagems for all four factions, wrapped in a thrilling story exploring a sprawling war that leaves them all paranoid and reeling. We’ll dig deeper into each of these factions, so keep an eye out for more information later this week.

The Greater Good will be available as a standard hardback and eBook, plus a darkly beautiful collector’s edition with a soft-touch embossed cover, black page edges and ribbon bookmark. 

Whether you order the standard hardback or the collector’s edition, we’ll throw in a set of datasheet cards for Commander Shadowsun and The Eight – they’re back, and more amazing than ever! Don’t hesitate to pre-order your book, because the cards are only available while stocks last.

Speaking of Shadowsun, O’Shaserra leads the Fifth Sphere Expansion, rocking an upgraded XV22 Stalker Battlesuit! This suit is positively bristling with weapons, and she’s also accompanied by MV37 Advanced Guardian and MV62 Command-link Drones. 


This model is loaded to the gills with cool details, and a choice of three different heads, including a half-helmeted version. 

The Genestealer Cults are also getting some reinforcements of their own, in the form of a new Start Collecting! set.

The Start Collecting! Genestealer Cults box is stuffed with models, including Acolytes (including an Iconward), Neophytes and an Achilles Ridgerunner. If you’re thinking about throwing in your lot with the uprising, or you want to swell the ranks of your ongoing rebellion, this box is essential. Of course, they could use an inspirational figure to help with recruiting… Perhaps a legendary gunfighter? Enter the Kelermorph! 

Previously found in the Starn’s Disciples box for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, this three-armed shootist will soon be available separately to assassinate enemy leaders and inspire nearby cultists to greater acts of fervour. 

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