Project White Scars: All Done…Finally!

by | Mar 19, 2020

Like Blood of Kittens’s previous hobby project this project has the same format, but this time it will feature a now not underappreciated Space Marine Chapter: White Scars. Like many, I can remember a day in the not too distance past where all we would see was White Scar armies, well I think it is time to give them a bit of love especially with the new supplement.

I also really wanted to paint a white army and no other is more iconic than the White Scars, but I will be mixing things up a bit, by adding in a Primaris successor chapter the Storm Reapers, which swaps out red for black highlights from the classic White Scars.

It is finally, done well it was done over a month ago, surprise, surprise, I now have the time to make a write up!

So take a look at the finished project and see what is next on the paint docket below.

White Scars Hobby Progress: All Done!

Project White Scars

Hope you come along for the ride and check out these minis sites from Blood of Kittens