Hobby Progress: All Done, Finally!



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All Done! – This took way too long, but with all Warhammer 40k painting, life and procrastination will always get in the way! This post was also a long time coming, having finished all the models I set out to paint for this project over a month ago. With the pandemic though sweeping the world, I finally now have time to post something about it.

The last things I had to paint were some old beat up Land Speeders, the wonderful Vanguard Veteran kit, and newish Primaris Infiltrators. My favorite to paint was hands down the Vanguard Vets, as all the details on these kits are wonderful, and amount of customization is great too! The Land Speeders were the biggest chore, having to break and put them back together from paint caked previous lives. I am though happy with the result, even though it is really a simple look, thanks to some heavy drybrushing and transfers making the biggest difference. The Primaris Infiltrators were a great contrast with my first go on the Intercessors when I started this project, this time keeping the detailing to a minimal, finding the right color balance definitely made a difference from the Intercessor experience.

I am really just happy to finally be done! This took a lot longer than I expected, with Space Marine hate going around definitely taking a toll, also it might not have been a good idea to do two white armies back to back for motivational purpose. Still I was able to complete two distinct different armies within 12 months, which isn’t too bad.

I decided to link some videos of other completed White Scar armies above, just to show some of the inspiration I got, as I went through this project. I certainly feel the army look goes right down the middle, as went with speed painting method with varying results, but the main goal of having a cohesive army was accomplished, even with half the army being a successor chapter the Storm Reapers.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Much of the cohesion though happened with me using any paint. It was thanks to the amazing Gamers Grass bases, and thanks to Game Kastle for providing the bases for this project and generally being amazing. I chose the winter bases, for the obvious white reasons. 

Click the on the image above to see paint scheme details

Storm Reapers Recipe Version 1.0

As you can see using Gamers Grass really completes the entire look, and goes well with the dirty white most of the army has. Now the army sits nicely on its display case. I don’t know if I will bring the White Scars out to play for awhile, at least until the Space Marine hate hysteria dies down.

The hysteria though better die down real quick, because my next paint project is going to be more Space Marines! My new ambitious plan is to get all the major basic Space Marine chapters done, that means Raven Guard, Iron Hands, Salamanders, Imperial Fists, Ultramarines, Black Templars, and Crimson Fists will get a painted army. Thankfully, a few of them are almost done already, but for the next project I am going with is the Raven Guard, which I feel has a certain contrast with what I have been doing, and what is better than black especially in these dark times?

Now with all this free virus time we shall see just how fast I can get those guys done, but finding a game with them will be a different matter…