Primed and Ready to Go!

White Scar Tactical Marine

Standard White Scar Paint Scheme

This first post is an introduction to the hobby side of this project. The goal is to get paint on my pile of Space Marines, creating a force tailored to specific rules the White Scars posses. As this army won’t be competitive in any real sense, I feel it is important to create some compelling backstory to increase motivation. Games Workshop has done a great job of creating some plot tension between old Space Marines and the Primaris Marines. As Game Workshop has explored this mostly though the eyes of the Ultramarines, I felt it would be a good idea to do the same with other chapters like the White Scars. The Storm Reapers are the only (at least mentioned) Primaris successor Chapter from the White Scar geneseed. The Storm Reapers come from Primaris Ultima Founding which was part of the Indomitus Crusade and naturally would have more loyalty to Roboute Guilliman than any chapter even if they share the same blood. 

Luckily, an narrative exploring this can be done thanks to the White Scars and Storm Reapers joining forces on Vigilus to fight first the Orks and then Chaos. Leading the White Scars is Olujin Khan a Captain of the White Scars. The Storm Reapers have no real narrative in the Vigilus, so this leads a lot to explore, explaining the force I created that much easier. 

Storm Reaper Intercessor

Storm Reapers are part of the Ultima Founding

THE WAR OF BEASTS— on Vigilus makes things easy for a lot of Space Marine combinations. I wanted this hobby challenge as easy as possible by not trying to make two disparate Chapters look the same. This means just making sure the highlights or details I use between the White Scars and Storm Reapers are the same. I am going to tackle this by taking the White Scar red and using it on the weapons of the Storm Reapers and likewise Black of the Storm Reapers on the White Scar Weapons. Like always I am up in the air on what to with the basing, but we can get to that when we come to the end. 

Below is images of the models I am working with, which are now assembled and primed.

STRUGGLE— will first be dealing with the old primed black models and changing them to White. As a speed non-airbrush painter I will have to focus on the right amount of white layering to get the army just right. As I have said in the previous project, I am not going for Golden Demon here, just shooting for tabletop+, this is about getting an army up and playable in the fastest, but most coherent way possible. 

I have tackled White before, but just not at this level, so keeping consistency is going to be key. Luckily, there are plenty of painting white tutorials to work from and honestly painting white isn’t as scary as many people seem to think. This project won’t take more than 2 months and this blog is part of an incentive program to get these models done. I hope you will be along for the ride!