1st Canadian & British Warhammer 40k 9th edition GT Tournament Results!

by | Aug 2, 2020

Fresh from of the first Warhammer 40k 9th edition GT results from last week, we now have two more, this time courtesy of Canada and the United Kingdom this weekend. The events were Vanguard Tactics Grand Series in the UK and The Board Room Brawl in Canada. Both events showed off a very different set of winning armies, but important to keep in mind the UK event ran at the standard 2000 points, while the Canadian event ran at 1750 points, so that very well may have played into the results we are seeing.

Here are the top 3 army lists from each event!

Vanguard Tactics Grand Series: Top 3

Alex Harrison 1st Place Vanguard Tactics Series 2020 – Space Marines – Salamanders

5-1 Scores: 100/100/95/100/100/35

Alex Petford 2nd Place Vanguard Tactics Series 2020 – Death Guard

5-1 Scores: 95/100/51/66/94/87

Adam Shepherd-Jones 3rd Place Vanguard Tactics Series 2020 – Adeptus Custodes

5-1 Scores: 100/50/77/81/97/64

The Board Room Brawl: Top 3

Matthew Bodnarchuk 1st Place Board Room Brawl 2020 – Harlequins

5-0 Scores: 95/99/71/59/85

Riley Carter 2nd Place Board Room Brawl 2020 – Harlequins – Craftworlds

4-1 Scores: 77/100/100/56/100

Alex Macdougall 3rd Place Board Room Brawl 2020 – Tyranids-Genestealer Cults

4-1 Scores: 94/91/47/91/91

One of the cool things about 9th edition (if it holds), is the standardization of the format, so far events are sticking to Grand Tournament missions, as formats like the ITC have decided to seed mission responsibilities to Games Workshop.

An interesting stat to keep track of is, taking all three GTs we are seeing 19 out of 91 possible lists as Space Marines a 21% of lists clip. In addition, it seems pretty clear that Skyweavers and Eradicators are some of the best units so far, as they are both able to take advantage of the smaller tables and seemly more prevalence of vehicles on the board. Things are SO early with this edition, so it is hard to say much more, but the pre-release consensus of Space Marines, Adeptus Custodes, and Harlequins being really strong in 9th edition is so far playing out.

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