1st Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Major Event Top Lists, 70 Players!

by | Aug 16, 2020

Things look to be getting back to normal, well at least for the American Midwest where they held the 1st Major ITC Warhammer 40k 9th edition event in the world, with over 70 players! The Flying Monkey Con has been been running for years now in Wichita Kansas.

The results continue to show Space Marines dominating, thanks to the new Indomitus units taking up large portions of the winning Space Marine armies. This also continues a trend of Salamanders performing the best out of Space Marine factions with either the -1 to AP or going successor to get 3+ range.

I forgot in the previous reports to throw in a the first 9th edition event from Australia, Adelaide GT, where we saw the always random down under meta throws people for curves.

Here are the top 3 army lists from each event!

Flying Monkey Con: Top 3

Dan Sammons 1st Place Flying Monkey Con 2020 – Space Marines – Salamanders

6-0 Scores: 86/97/85/82/92/67

David Villareal 2nd Place Flying Monkey Con 2020 – Space Marines – Salamanders

5-1 Scores: 97/100/90/81/97/53

Charles Velazquez 3rd Place Flying Monkey Con 2020 – Death Guard

5-1 Scores: 96/90/72/65/97/71

Keeping track of Space Marines like the last post, we saw them included in 12 of 74 lists from the Flying Monkey taking up 16% of the field. This combined  with Adeptus Custodes 13 lists and 5 Death Guard lists. Those 3 factions combined made up 40% of the entire Flying Monkey field. These seem like the 3 most power factions currently, with Harlequins coming in as well, but with fewer understandable representation.

Finally, here are the event results I missed from the beginning of the month with some totally unexpected results!

Adelaide 40k Grand Tournament : Top 3

Andy Penn 1st Place Adelaide 40k Grand Tournament 2020 – Orks

5-0 Scores: 90/86/81/82/84

Jack Plant 2nd Place Adelaide 40k Grand Tournament 2020 – Space Wolves

4-1 Scores: 97/89/47/87/85

Gabe Dell Olio 3rd Place Adelaide 40k Grand Tournament 2020 – Drukhari

4-1 Scores: 87/36/72/89/90

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