The 9th edition Space Marine Codex Era Begins…

by | Nov 8, 2020

The first full weekend of November 2020 had three events get enough players for GT status, two from the US and the other in Canada. It has finally been enough time for all events to include the new Space Marine and Necron rules, so these results reflect that new reality.

Here are the army lists and scores…

South Georgia Havoc GT: Top 3

Stephen Mitchell 1st Place South Georgia Havoc GT 2020 – Orks

5-0 Scores: 95/95/95/86/84

Daniel Hesters 2nd Place South Georgia Havoc GT 2020 – Dark Angels

4-0-1 Scores: 100/60/92/82/100

Jaime Paris 3rd Place South Georgia Havoc GT 2020 – Space Wolves – Ultramarines

4-1 Scores: 85/49/96/96/94

Renegade Mini GT 2020: Top 3

Asa Carlson 1st Place Renegade Mini GT 2020 – Chaos Daemons

5-0 Scores: 95/88/83/87/90

Keven Leonard 2nd Place Renegade Mini GT 2020 – Death Guard – Chaos Daemons

4-1 Scores: 93/100/62/95/95

Drew Ward 3rd Place Renegade Mini GT 2020 – Space Marines – Ultramarines

4-1 Scores: 87/62/95/90/93

Amiable Bright Plague War: Top 3

Alex Macdougall 1st Place Amiable Bright Plague War РGenestealer Cult РTyranids 

5-0 Scores: 81/92/70/89/89

Marshall Reeves 2nd Place Amiable Bright Plague War – Adeptus Custodes

4-1 Scores: 80/80/62/92/95

Garry Sacco 3rd Place Amiable Bright Plague War – Dark Angels

4-1 Scores: 91/88/77/91/50

Amazingly, Space Marine while placing high are still being held out from the gold medals; with Slaanesh, Ghaz Orks, and Genestealers Cults holding the line. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that we saw Dark Angels do well, with what folks consider the new over power Inner Circle rules. Sadly we didn’t see Necrons make the top cut with a 6th place being the best they got, this of course means nothing with so few events, and we did a 3rd place finish from an event from last weekend. We should start seeing Deathwatch and Space Wolves make more of a presence now their supplements are in full effect.

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