Games Workshop Market Watch October 2020

by | Nov 11, 2020

Watching stocks over the short-term is often an experiment in futility; on October 12th 2020 we looked back at the state of Games Workshop’s stock and financial health, and today we do the same…

October 2020 saw Covid really get going for its second big go around…or is it the third time now? Either way as the world spirals into a pandemic death spiral, global stock markets continued to shrug most the doom and gloom right off. In addition, Games Workshop 2nd largest market barreled ahead into critical election with a lot of uncertainty. 

So as global events were unfolding you would think Games Workshop stock might be effected, well like most stocks across the world, it really didn’t change much…

The the pervious month dividend high, fell away, but the stock still was able to reach new highs, but ended the month a bit down from where it was a week before the end. 

Plugging October 2020 into the year to date numbers, we get this…

As you can see the stock price is still close to being double where it started at the beginning of the year. There is still a good chance it will make it, as long as the end of the year financial summery holds up; but with much of the world populace about to be locked away inside their homes for the 4th quarter, you have to wonder if the golden throne gravy train could come to an end. 

Finally, October 2020 saw Games Workshop with more board changes and stock holdings moved around, as you can see from the investor news below.

Directorate Changes

Holding(s) in Company

Holding(s) in Company

Director shareholding

Holding(s) in Company

Holding(s) in Company

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