Xenos continue to Hold Their Own

by | Nov 15, 2020

The 2nd full weekend of November 2020 had four events large enough secure GT status, all taking place in Covid friendly parts of the United States. The results showcase how Space Marines and Necrons are changing the meta, while keeping certain murder clowns in control of the meta. 

Here are the army lists and scores…

YHP Fall Brawl 40k GT: Top 3

Tj Lanigan 1st Place YHP Fall Brawl 40k 2020 – Chaos Daemons – Thousand Sons

5-0 Scores: 81/82/90/100/94

Steven Christopher 2nd Place YHP Fall Brawl 40k 2020 – Necrons

4-1 Scores: 80/67/92/83/94

Mate Csaszar 3rd Place YHP Fall Brawl 40k 2020 – Harlequins – Ynnari

4-1 Scores: 92/100/86/78/56

Clutch City GT: Top 3

Michael Dehoyos 1st Place Clutch City GT 2020 – Harlequins

5-0 Scores: 60/86/85/81/65

Clifton Russell 2nd Place Clutch City GT 2020 – Genestealer Cult 

4-1 Scores: 85/88/94/69/93

Colin Coons 3rd Place Clutch City GT 2020 – Adeptus Custodes

4-1 Scores: 57/95/84/77/97

Mid-MO Maelstrom: Top 3

James Kelling 1st Place Mid-MO Maelstrom 2020 – Harliquins – Craftworlds

5-0 Scores: 85/90/100/67/87

Nathan Bates 2nd Place Mid-MO Maelstrom 2020 – Necrons

5-0 Scores: 66/80/77/41/86

Ben Cherwien 3rd Place Mid-MO Maelstrom 2020 – Space Marines – Black Templars

4-1 Scores: 97/92/78/75/99

Warzone The Dark Times: Top 3

Damien Owen 1st Place Warzone The Dark Times 2020 – Adeptus Mechanicus

5-0 Scores: 90/51/82/84/27

Thomas Byrd 2nd Place Warzone The Dark Times 2020 – Space Marines – Ultramarines

4-1 Scores: 90/90/30/82/90

Jaime Paris 3rd Place Warzone The Dark Times 2020 – Space Marines – Space Wolves – Ultramarines

4-1 Scores: 89/85/59/67/19

For another week Space Marines were held out from the top podium with Harlequins, Ad-Mech, Chaos Daemons doing the work to keep them at bay. We are not seeing much variety in list builds as Harlequins have settled into a pretty cookie-cutter design. Necrons are starting to show up as well, with the help of the Silent King, but once again the lists are looking similar. As for the Space Marines it was Ultramarines lead by Roboute doing some work, I guess re-rolling hits and 1s to wound is still pretty powerful in 9th edition. The biggest surprise though has to be the Black Templars making their way into podium spot with a smash face list.

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