Project Raven Guard: Getting Started


Like my previous hobby project this project has the same format with a new army, this time we move on to another Space Marine Chapter: the Raven Guard! Since the release of 9th edition this Chapter has seen better days; thanks to double nerfs to Centurions and Space Marine Scouts, so why not set out and make something unique, with units you rarely seen fielded by Space Marines players, let alone the Raven Guard.

The Raven Guard provided a much needed opportunity to paint a different color, having been painting white for the two previous projects: Necrons and White Scars. It certainly felt good to run the opposite way by going all black. Like I always do, I used a pretty standard speed painting method to get the Raven Guard from black primer to tabletop quality in no time.

So follow the links below and take a look at what I was working with as I painted up and played some Raven Guard last year.

A look at the units and models I will be painting and playing for this Project

In the coming few weeks, you will see battle reports and painting posts for the Raven Guard army, I had the pleasure of getting done over the last six months.

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Hope you come along for the ride and check out these mini-sites from Blood of Kittens

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