War Zone Charadon Act 1 The Book of Rust Leak Compilation

Mar 19, 2021

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k War Zone Charadon Act 1 The Book of Rust Campaign 9th edition codex / supplement, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the A running compilation of rumors, leaks, sneak peaks for War Zone Charadon Act 1 The Book of Rust Campaign 9th edition codex / supplement. With new rules, point adjustments, stratagems and units. Compilation will feature both Games Workshop community info and any Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k War Zone Charadon Act 1 The Book of Rust Campaign will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders: March 20th 2021 Release Date: March 27th 2021 

  • Zone Charadon Act 1 The Book of Rust Campaign Book: $60
  • Plague Purge Crusade: $40

Army of Renown: Mechanicus Defense Cohort Rules

  • All of your KataphronsServitors and Kastelan Robots gain a new keyword, Extremis Sentinel Protocols. This new keyword blocks out any of your Forge World dogmas.

    • Subtract 1 from a multiple Damage weapon if it was fired by a ranged unit targeting one of your units within your deployment zone
    • When an enemy charges you, regardless of if your in cover or not, you can Hold Steady or Set to Defend. The former giving you a 5+ Overwatch, the latter foregoing Overwatch but allowing you to have +1 to Hit in combat until the end of the phase.
  • Warlord Trait: which gives the bearer allowing units within 6” to have Objective Secured with an additional bonus of counting as one extra model when determining control of the objective marker.
  • Stratagems:
    • Citation of Ruin (2CP) – Unit gains Big Guns Never Tire, without the -1 to hit penalty normally associated with the rule. The CP cost does go up depending on the number of models in the unit. 
  •  Relic:

Army of Renown: Freeblade Lance Rules

  • Can only select Freeblade Knights, and each must have unique Qualities/Burdens.

    • All units get a Quality and Burden, and Characters within your army also gain Legendary Knight status, giving them +1 Leadership and allow two Qualities and only one Burden when selecting from the appropriate tables.

  • Warlord Trait:  allows for you to pick a Household Tradition for your Warlord 
  • Stratagems:
    • Favoured Knight (2CP) – One Character Knight from your army can have two Relics rather than one.
  • Relic: 

Army of Renown: Terminus Est Assault Force Rules

  • Can’t have any Death Guard Vehicles and must be Harbingers Plague Company.

    • Deep-strike any number of Bubonic Astartes units using Strategic Reserves, ignoring the board edge rule.

  • Fester Psychic Discipline:
    • Pernicious Dose (Charge 7) – a unit within 6” armed with Plague Weapons can reroll the hit roll
    • Accelerated Entropy (Charge 7) – One enemy model within 12” selected, roll off and add the units toughness together. If your result is higher than your opponents the enemy unit suffers 3 mortal wounds. If the result is double, score D3 + 3 mortal wounds instead. 
  • Warlord Trait: 
  • Stratagems:
    • Pestilential Drop (2CP) – When you deep strike a unit, select one Contagion of Nurgle ability has until the end of the turn, range counts as 12”. This is however, not cumulative with any other rule which boasts the range of the Contagion. 
  • Relics:
    • Canker– A plague plasma pistol with an 18” range, strength 9, -4 AP and flat damage 3. 
    • Filth Censors – A Psyker relic which adds 6” to the range of psychic powers cast by that psyker

Codex Supplement: Metalica Rules

  • Warlord Traits:
    • +4 FNP
  • Stratagems:
    • Kolossi Eternal (3CP) – Select 3 House Raven Knights (excluding Armiger class knights). They gain a 4+ invulnerable save against shooting attacks. Can only be used once.
    • Hammer Blow (1/3CP) – If your Knight remained stationary, you cannot charge, however you can reroll hit rolls of 1 from attacks made with a Blast weapon and if the target includes more than 6 models in the unit you are shooting at you can reroll all hit rolls instead.
  • Relics:
    • Fury of the Keep – Replaces a Thermal Cannon. Assault D6 shots, 36” Range, S9 -5 AP damage D6+2, Blast. 

Codex Supplement: House Raven Rules

  • Warlord Traits:
    • Master Annihilator: choose 1 unit armed with Radium Weapon. Add 6” to the range of said weapons and +1 Strength
  • Stratagems:
    • Knight of the Cog (1CP) – Select one House Raven Knight. It gains the Adeptus Mechanicus keyword for the use with Canticles as well as assisting with the army creation.
    • Extinction Order (3CP) – Warlord picks an area terrain feature. Any attacks made by friendly Metalica units within 6” of the Warlord add 1 to the wound roll when attacking anything within that terrain feature. 
  • Relics:
    • Gamma Ray pistol, strength 10 and -4 AP 4 Damage. If shooting at a Vehicle re-roll the wound roll.

Codex Supplement: Cult of Strife Rules

  • Warlord Traits:
    • Master Executioner – Re-roll your wound rolls in combat.
  • Stratagems:
    • Flawless Approach (1CP) – Enemy unit cannot Overwatch, nor can they Set to Defend/Hold Steady
    • Pick Them Apart (2CP) – One of your Cult units can still shoot and/or charge, even if they fell back.
  • Relics:
    • The Glaive Exquisite – Replaces a Archite Glaive. S +2, -5 AP Damage 2. If the target enemy model has a Leadership value of 8 or more, add 1 to the hit roll. If you did not target a character with this weapon with a leadership of 8 or more, then at the end of the phase you take a mortal wound.

Campaign Book Images

Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks

War Zone Charadon

As you may have seen in issue 460 of White Dwarf, the First Captain of the Death Guard has a bone to pick with the Charadon sector. Follow the story of Typhus’ invasion and discover how it sets the Imperial defenders reeling, as the whole sector descends into anarchy with warring factions everywhere you look. 

It’s no surprise that the Orks are getting stuck in, but the Drukhari too? It’s definitely not a good time to be a loyal Imperial citizen in the Charadon sector.


That’s not to say it’s all doom and gloom, though. Scores of Imperial Knights, Space Marines, and Adeptus Mechanicus legions are on hand to fight back, and they might even be receiving some unexpected aid of a distinctly grey and knightly variety. If you want to find out just who will be coming to give Charadon’s defenders a hand, you’ll have to get the book and give it a good read.


Campaign Rules

It’s all well and good reading about Typhus’ destructive campaign for the sector, but wouldn’t you like to play along too? Rules for running an Obolis Invasion Campaign let you play a series of connected games featuring any factions you could think of spread across three alliances: Defenders, Invaders, and Raiders.

Also included are rules for setting your games in a variety of strange and dangerous regions, such as plague-blighted battlefields and augmented areas riddled with the Machine Cult’s blessings. Combined with fortifications like the Death Guard’s Miasmic Malignifier and Sector Mechanicus terrain sets, you can create some wonderfully hellish places to fight in.


Army Rules

Have you ever wanted to field an entire Knight lance of Freeblades or a legion of the Cult Mechanicus’ unfeeling automatons? New rules for Armies of Renown allow you to create a themed force based on several key players of the Charadon campaign, each with its own benefits and restrictions. This offers a whole new way to build flavourful armies and score yourself some extra Relics, Warlord Traits, and Stratagems.


In addition to those rules, you’ll also find no less than three codex supplements for forge world Metalica, House Raven, and the Cult of Strife, giving you expanded and updated options that can be used with their regular codexes. 


Crusade Rules

What’s better than playing your own Obolis Invasion Campaign? Having your Crusade army grow and learn from it, that’s what. By taking part in battles during one of these narrative campaigns, your units earn a special badge that bestows the Obolis Invasion keyword on them, unlocking access to a wide variety of thematic Battle Traits, Crusade Relics, and Weapon Enhancements. 

Death Guard players will also be glad to know that Grandfather Nurgle has granted even more boons in the form of Virulent Gifts, an additional way to spend your Virulence points (aside from crafting custom plagues) on powerful one-use abilities. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “this would be the perfect time for Lord Bloatpox to vomit all over those blasted Guardsmen,” then by golly, you’re in luck.


Frankly, there’s far too much stuffed into this book to fit it all in one article, so make sure you check back next week as we’ll be taking a closer look at the Armies of Renown. In the meantime, join us over on Facebook to let us know what you’re looking forward to in the opening act of War Zone Charadon.

Army of Renown: Terminus Est Assault Force

Typhus, Nurgle’s chosen herald and master of the warship Terminus Est, could hardly be described as a man of subtle means. While, like any Death Guard commander, he is quite happy to employ formations of Plagueburst Crawlers and Helbrutes in their signature inexorable advance, by far his favourite method of confronting the enemy is with a devastating hammer blow from massed squads of infantry.


In particular, Typhus is quite fond of throwing legions of Poxwalkers and other plague-ridden horrors into a brutal headlong charge while his hand-picked squads of bubonic Astartes teleport into key positions and strike crucial enemy targets. If you like the sound of entire companies of Plague Marines launching a Terminator-style assault, this is the army for you.

CharadonArmies Mar17 TerminusEst1df8r

Not only do they get a whole heap of new Relics to choose from and their own Fester discipline of psychic powers, but also a selection of exclusive Stratagems to make use of. There’s far too many to show them all here, but surely a few can’t do any harm.

CharadonArmies Mar17 CallousDisregard6c82j3

That’s right, if you’ve ever wondered why your Plague Marines would baulk at shooting through a few measly Poxwalkers, now you have your answer: they were just low on Command points before.

CharadonArmies Mar17 Lungrot3c7h1

Teleporting behind enemy lines can carry the risk of being charged by all manner of fearsome opponents, so the Terminus Est’s Sorcerers know just how to stop them in their tracks – perfect for frustrating anyone who thinks they can run rings around Typhus’ determined advance.

CharadonArmies Mar17 Rotgrip29xj4

Have you ever wanted to see a man crush a Titan in his hands? With this gift of Grandfather Nurgle, your Chaos Lord can wound a Warlord Titan on a 3+. If that isn’t a show of the Chaos Gods’ overwhelming power, we don’t know what is.

Army of Renown: Mechanicus Defence Cohort

What do you do when a storm of plague sweeps across your sector and neutralises the armies meant to protect you? Abandon the weak and feeble flesh, that’s what.


By tweaking their more mechanical creations to better hold the line at any cost, the defence cohorts of Forge World Metalica are able to shrug off damage that would fell a lesser automaton and more accurately lay down a storm of fire against the shambling hordes charging their lines. It’s so effective, in fact, that the idea can be picked up by any Forge World you might wish to choose.

CharadonArmies Mar17 DefenceCohort841h3p

While they might not have a new psychic discipline of their own,** the Mechanicus Defence Cohort also gains new Stratagems and a powerful Relic to better push back the heretic hordes. By pre-preparing their defensive positions, the Tech-Priests are capable of bringing greater levels of durability to their forces than ever before.

CharadonArmies Mar17 PurgeSolution5c72h3

As befits the sensibilities of the Mechanicus Defence Cohort, their units prepare extensively for the opening salvos of a battle when the enemy first comes into range. This Stratagem is perfect for maximising your first-turn shooting, or for catching any weak-willed cowards who spend their time hiding among your foe’s back lines.

CharadonArmies Mar17 BolsterDefences4x7134

While you’re setting up your pre-planned artillery strikes, make sure to also bolt a few spare plates here and there to any good cover you can find – with the thick plating and sturdy construction of the Kataphron at your command, a few solid walls will render your troops nigh-on invulnerable to enemy fire.

CharadonArmies Mar17 Forgefire18sj3

Any Tech-Priest worth their salt has tinkered with one or two pieces of hazardous technology to create wildly destructive weapons, but few still can match the awe-inspiring power of their most ancient Relics. Strap on this masterpiece of volkite technology and you’ll have the Omnissiah’s enemies fleeing for the hills in no time.

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