Spring Break Major Tournament Super Spreader Results!

by | Mar 21, 2021

As America entered Spring Break, we got another Covid friendly, but at least masked and socially distanced tournament that barely made it across the Major status line with 58 players held on the East Coast in a Maryland indoor mall game store!

The event in question was the Tables and Tower GT and the results were once again not top tier approved!

Tables and Towers 2021: Top 3

Nick Nanavati 1st Place Tables and Towers 2021 – Adepta Sororitas

5-0 Scores: 89 / 89 / 85 / 87 / 83

Mark Hertel 2nd Place Tables and Towers 2021 – Adeptus Mechanicus

4-1 Scores: 100 / 99 / 80 / 92 / 97

Matt Lorah 3rd Place Tables and Towers 2021 – Drukhari – Craftworlds

4-1 Scores: 100 / 97 / 85 / 97 / 71

Tables and Towers showcased like last week some of the best 40k players in America with Nick Nanavati this time avoiding Sean Nayden to win the event, along with TJ Lanigan and Stephen Fore also attending. Like last week, we got the not usual suspects winning, against what people consider “Top Tier”, going to show that theory hammer is continuing a bit of losing streak. Dark Angels did manage to a 4th place this time, but Death Guard were all the way down to 22nd. Ad-Mech did really well and we even had a Imperial Knight player going 4-1! This isn’t even mentioning Eldar doing surprisingly well for the second week in a row. All and in all besides the Covid flying around, the event shows a continued healthy meta of 9th edition persisting.¬†

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