Games Workshop Stock Market Watch December 2021

by | Jan 13, 2022

Watching stocks over the short-term is often an experiment in futility; on December 3rd 2021 we looked back at the state of Games Workshop’s stock and financial health, and today we do the same…

December 2021 saw Covid déjà vu as omicron swept the world, but for most stock markets it was inflation news or earning reports that decided how the year would end. In the case of Games Workshop, it was the familiar story, could the company stay ahead of supply chain issues to delivery enough products to its ever growing fan base? While not quantifiable, it didn’t hurt that Henry Cavill was everywhere talking about his own Warhammer 40k obsessions’.

So with that, let us see how Games Workshop stock performed for the past month of December 2021.

Games Workshop stock ended the year on high note, thanks to the highest estimated record revenue in company history over the last six month, at £190 million, though this wasn’t the highest ever profits for the company, which was off by around 5 million pounds. 

Now plugging December 2021 data into the year to date we will see what we get…

Games Workshop stock ended the year still well off from it’s September highs and also well below the start of the year. To say this year hasn’t been a success just based on a stock number, isn’t putting the record growth the company has experienced for almost a decade into context. Games Workshop will just need to navigate global inflation and the still choppy Brexit waters to see if this fantastic growth can be maintained or finally start to flatten. 

Here is the investment news for December 2021 below from the company.

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Trading Update

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