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Las Vegas Open 2022 Coverage

by | Jan 27, 2022

We finally made it! After a having a one year long Covid hangover the LVO is back in its new location the Rio, which unfortunately isn’t the happiest place on earth currently with the place understaffed and without much open. As it is, the actual convention hall space is amazing, with giant stages and enough space to keep Omicron somewhat at bay. Thankfully, Covid didn’t stop most of the top Warhammer 40k ITC players from making it to the event, with 30 of the Top 50 players in attendance and 9 of the 10 top. So we will get a true winner of the ITC when all is said and done. To see who exactly is playing see the image below.

For my part of I will be checking off the Top 15 ITC Warhammer 40k 2021 season players here as they lose games, and if you are curious you can click to see what lists they are taking below.

  1. 1st Mani Cheema LVO 2022 lost Shadow Round to Alex Mcdugal
  2. 2nd John Lennon LVO 2022 lost Round 1 to Matt Evans
  3. 3rd Brad Chester LVO 2022 lost Round 3 to Mani Cheema
  4. 4th Sean Nayden LVO 2022 tie Round 4 to Shadowblade Tuser
  5. 5th Jack Harpster LVO 2022 lost Round 6
  6. 6th Malik Amin Rubio LVO 2022 lost Round 4 to David Gaylard
  7. 7th Anthony Vanella LVO 2022
  8. 8th Colin McDade LVO 2022 tied in Round 4 to Alex Spathopoulos
  9. 10th James Kelling LVO 2022 lost Round 6 to Matt Lorah
  10. 14th Mark Hertel LVO 2022 Lost Round 1 to Brad Chester
  11. 15th Charlie Andre LVO 2022 Lost Round 4 to Junior Aflleje
  12. 19th Mark Perry LVO 2022 lost Round 4 to Richard Siegler
  13. 27th Patrick McAneeny LVO 2022 lost Round 1 to Joel Wilson Deathwing
  14. 28th Richard Siegler LVO 2022
  15. 29th Junior Aflleje LVO 2022 lost Round 4 to Charlie Andre

If we are being honest, most likely LVO 2022 will come down to seeing if Custodes can kill over 100 Wracks in 5 turns, because if not this will be Mani Cheema’s LVO and ITC championship to lose. As for the rest of the coverage, we will be doing the usual, Facebook live feeds, along with pictures and hot takes from the various games as they happen, including recaps for each day. As usual, Day 1 is really the feeling things out day, with hard coverage starting on Day 2.

 Check back periodically January 27th to 30th for Continuous Coverage

With over 750 players the LVO championships is on its way! I am actually pleasantly surprised with the attrition for the event, typically LVO sees about 10% drop rate before the event, but with Covid I was expecting something upwards of 40-50% instead we have about 25% drop rate which is fantastic with the current state of the world.

  • Round 1
      • Is as usual not too exciting expect for a ton of try hards finding out they are not going into the Top 8. We do though have some very cool matchups. With Brad Chester 3rd Overall (Crusher) vs. Mark Hertel 14th Overall (Kastellen Robots). As well we got John Lennon 2nd Overall (Custodes) vs. Matt Evans Nid expert (Crusher).
      • Brad was able to squeak out a win by 1 point 84 to 83! Brad said he made some mistakes and thought he lost, but seems like going first with Crusher is usually a good thing.
      • John Lennon LOST!! Called it! HUGE DEAL this makes Mani’s road that much easier!
      • As well, 27th Ranked player Patrick McAneery lost to Deathwing.

  • Round 2
    • No really compelling match ups to report, but with the fireworks from round 1 I think we could use a break.
    • As I thought no Upsets to Report.
  • Round 3
    • We get some blockbuster games this round with
      • Mani Cheema vs. Brad Chester
      • Dan Sammons Crusher Swarm (26th Ranked) vs. Ben Cherwin Custodes / IG list (16th Ranked)
      • And some old vs. new guard with James Kelling vs. Andrew Ganyo, Alex Fennel vs. Anthony Venella
    • Mani won his game 96 to 66 beating Brad Chester
    • Alex Fennel lost to Anthony Venella
    • Gonyo lost to James Kelling
    • The funniest news of the night came from one player rage quitting and getting kicked out for not keeping his mask on, while a second totally unrelated player saw what was happening and ripped his mask off and was kicked out in solidarity.
    • hmm, Dan and Ben long time rivals, happen to tie their game with 79 point scores…
  • Round 4
    • Great matchup with between Jack Harpster vs. constant meta crasher Jeff Poole playing Tau!
    • As well 15th vs. 29th Ranked players Junior Affleje (Drukhari) and Charlie Andre (Dark Angels)
    • As on funny note, reputed cheater TJ Lanigan is wearing a GoPro for his games to track his potential cheating with his Genestealer Cult army.
    • Jack Harpster ended Tau Dreams by Beating Jeff Poole
    • Junior in a upset beat Charlie.
    • Colin Mcdade (8th Overall) Tied his opponent
  • Round 5
    • Before this Round starts, one Important thing to keep in mind is Richard Siegler while only ranked 28th overall only has 5 scores in the ITC so that means he can easily become top ITC player if he wins the LVO.
    • We are down to 44 perfect records, plus 7 players with a tie: with so many ties it will be hard for anyone to not truly undefeated to break into the top 8.
    • We got one fantastic matchup this round with…
      • Richard Siegler vs. Mark Perry
    • Top Players are starting to drop like flies.
      • Mark Perry Lost
      • Malik Rubio Lost
      • Junior Affeje Lost
      • Sean Nayden Tie
  • Round 6
    • Important to Remember: *SHADOW ROUND* If at the end of Round 6 there are more than 8 truly undefeated players. “Truly Undefeated” is defined as 6-0, no ties. Then a Shadow Round will be played, the format and qualifications of the Shadow Round participants will not be known until the total number of event attendees is known and the results of Round 6 have been submitted. However, it will be formatted to have the least number of players in the Shadow Round to determine the final 8.” Confirmed we will have 1-2 players with a tie make it into the Shadow Round. 
    • We are down to 5 of the Top 30 ITC players being truly undefeated.
      • Mani Cheema
      • Jack Harpster
      • Anthony Vanella
      • James Kelling
      • Richard Siegler

    • No real crazy matchups, but here is the Faction Breakdown of Truly Undefeated
      • Adeptus Custodes 5
      • Tyranids 6
        • 2 of which are mix with Cults
      • Drukhari 7
      • Grey Knights 1
      • Ad-Mech 1
      • Orks 1
    • The Path is starting to really clear for Mani if you can win his game, as more top players fall. The following have made it to the Top 8 or Shadow Round.
      1. David Gaylard (Tyranids)
      2. Richard Siegler (Ad-Mech)
      3. Ben Neal (Grey Knights)
      4. Raphael Jaffre (Drukhari)
      5. Matt Lorah (Custodes)
      6. Evan Tomchin (Custodes)
      7. Mani Cheema (Drukhari)
      8. Anthony Vanella (Drukhari)
      9. Lukas Troller (Orks)
      10. Alex Macdougall (Tyranids/Genestealers)
      11. Ben Cherwin (Tyranids)
      12. Quinton Johnson (Custodes)
  • Shadow Round
  • Alex Macdougall (Tyranids/Genestealers) vs. Mani Cheema (Drukhari)


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