Warhammer 40k Tyranids 10th Edition Leak and Rumor Compilation

Aug 31, 2023

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k 10th edition Tyranids including, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the A running compilation of rumors, leaks, sneak peaks for Warhammer 40,000 10 Tyranids edition. With new rules, point adjustments, stratagems and units. Compilation will feature both Games Workshop community info and any Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k 10th edition Tyranids will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders: Sept 2nd 2023 Release Date: Sept 9th 2023

  • Tyranid Codex: $60
  • Norn Emissary: $115
  • Deathleaper: $60
  • Lictor: $50
  • Neurolictor: $40
  • Genestealers: $55
  • Termagants: $45
  • Hormagaunts: $50
  • Biovore: $50
  • Combat Patrol: $160
  • Data Cards: $35

Point Changes:

New Rules:

  • Detachment rule Insurmountable odds: endless swarm units able to move d6” after taking damage
  • Enhancement Neurolized camouflage: 30pts, up to 3 endless multitude units within 9” benefit from being in cover
  • Also possible mention at a T11 hive tyrant.
  • Synapse: Units with keyword create 6″ aura of 3d6 instead of 2d6 for battleshock tests.
  • Shadows of the Warp: One use board wide opponent battleshock test.
  • Updated Units from Index:
    • Neurotyrant
    • Termagants
    • Pyrovores
    • Deathleaper
    • Biovores 
    • Tyrant Guard
    • Biovores
    • Harpies
    • Lictors
    • Raveners
    • Psychophages
    • Tyrannofexes
    • Neurogaunts

New Stratagems: 

  • Stratagems 2cp to bring back an endless multitude unit, similar to guard rule I’m guessing?
  • Bounding advance: 1cp for a unit to auto advance 6”
  • 1 cp if a unit has 15+ models in it all models crit on 5s
  • 1cp to make a unit target by a blast weapon count as having 4 or less models
  • Invasion Fleet Detachment Strats:
    • Rapid Regeneration: 5+ FnP, 6+ outside of Synapse Range
    • Overrun: Double movement or Consolidation 
  • Crusher Stampede Strats:
    • Rampaging Monstrosities: Re-roll Hits
    • Corrosive Viscera: Non-Fly Units auto Deadly Demise
    • “Tank Shock” to Monster 
    • Savage Roar: Monsters in the Fight Phase, are -1 to hit and cause Battle-shock, and Battle Shock Fail -1 to wound.
  • Unending Swarm Strats:
    • Teeming Masses: -1 to hit a unit
    • Preservations Instincts: reduce blast bonus to nothing
    • Synaptic Goading: Insurmountable Odds to can move towards nearest Objective instead of nearest enemy unit.
    • Bounding Advance: 6″ Auto advance
    • Swarming Masses: Sustain Hits 1 – +6 if unit is under 15 models 5+ if units are above 15 models strong
    • Endless Swarm: Return a unit from death into Strategic Reserves for 2 CP
  • Assimilating Swarm Strats:
    • Harvesters get 5+ Feel No Pain or 4+ if within range of an objective you control.
    • Harvesters get Lethal Hits and Critical Hits on 5+
    • Reclaim Biomass: Bring back units that just died. Using Feed the Swarm ability.
    • Rapacious Hunger: Feed the Swarm trigger after killing a unit in melee. Regen to full wounds if you have Harvester Keyword.
    • Tyrannoformed: Harvester Keyword can create sticky objectives where you still control even if you leave it.
    • Rapacious Hunger: Harvester Unit dies can give +1 to wound the unit that killed it to every other Assimilating Swarm unit for the rest of the game.
  • Vanguard Onslaught Strats:
    • Seeded Broods: 1 CP two or one Vanguard unit arrives from Deep Strike as if a battle round later aka Turn 1 Deepstrikes
    • Move 6″ when enemy units move nearby
    • Go back into Reserves in the enemies fight phase.
    • Unseen Lurkers: Can’t shoot a unit outside of 12″ 
    • Assassin Beasts: Give Infantry Precision in the Fight phase.
    • Surprise Assault: +1 to hit and wound in either shoot or fight phase against a battle-shocked unit.
  • Synaptic Nexus Strats:
    • Imperative Dominance: Unit gets additional Synaptic Imperative for that turn
    • Smothering Shadow: Failed Battleshock tests within 12″ of Synapse creatures causes mortal wounds
    • Irresistible Will: Synapse unit picks visible enemy unit with 24″ re-roll 1s to wound and hit for a phase. 
    • Reinforced Hive Node: -1 AP for Synapse units
    • Override Instincts: Fall back and shoot or charge for a unit within Synapse range.
    • Synaptic Channeling

New Detachments:

  •  Synaptic Nexus: Synaptic Imperatives: Once per game pick one of these three – 5+ Invulnerable saves, +1 Advance and Charge, or +1 to hit in melee
    • Detachment specific Enchantments:
      • Synaptic control: -1 damage
      • Power of the Hive Mind: +1 Strength and AP for Psychic weapons 10 points
      • Psychostatic Disruptions: 12″ against Reinforcement Aura, plus can stop one unit from coming from Strategic Reserves only for turn 1 or 2 on 4+
      • Dirgeheart of Kharis: -1 LD 12″ aura
  • Invasion Fleet: Choose at the start of the battle round the following:
    • Sustained Hits 1 against INFANTRY and SWARM units.
    • Lethal Hits against MONSTER and VEHICLE units.
    • Precision on Critical Hits against Character units.
      • Detachment specific Enhancements:
        • Perfectly Adapted – one re-roll per turn
        • Adaptive Biology 5+ FnP or 4+ FnP if below starting wounds.
        • Redeploy 3 Units
        • +6 to Synapse Range Aura
  • Crusher Stampede: Monster units in your army that are below Starting Strength get +1 to Hit, and those below Half Strength get +1 to Wound as well.
    • Detachment specific Enhancements:
      • Monstrous Nemesis: +1 Wound in melee against Monsters and Vehicles
      • Ominous Presence: +3 Objective Secured
      • 3+ Fight on Death
      • 5+ FnP against Psychic Attacks
  • Unending Swarm: Insurmountable Odds: Any unit that loses a model but not destroyed moves an addition D6 like Khorne Berserks towards the nearest enemy unit including ending up in engagement range.
    • Detachment specific Enhancements:
      • Piercing Talons: An additional -1 AP to Critical Wounds
      • Relentless Hunger: +2 Move
      • Adrenalized Onslaught: +3 to Pile-ins and Consolidations
      • Naturalized Camouflage: three units 6″ from character get Cover
  • Assimilation Swarm: Feed the Swarm: Each unit with Harvester keyword can heal D3 wounds for multi wound models or D3 models for single wound infantry models as long as units are within objective range of an objective they control.
    • Detachment specific Enhancements:
      • Instinctive Defense: Gives Heroic and Fight first.
      • Parasitic Biomorpholy: +1 Strength to melee weapons +1 to attack if within range of Harvester unit.
      • Regenerating Monstrosity: Feed the Swarm an additional time during the turn.
  • Vanguard Onslaught: Questing Tendrils: Fall Back and Charge and Vanguard Invader units get Advance and Charge in addition. Deathleaper can also become your Warlord.
    • Detachment specific Enhancements:
      • Stalker: Pick one enemy unit get +1 to hit and wound against target
      • Stealth and Cover to unit.
      • Neuronode: Redeploy 3 units at the start of the game after the roll-off
      • Hunting Grounds: As long as bearer is alive any enemy unit that sets up from Strategic Reserve or Deep Strike takes a Battle Shock test on 2+
    • Unit List – Broodlord, Genestealers, Deathleaper, Lictors, Parasite of Mortrex, Von Ryan’s Leapers, Gargoyles, Harpy, Hive Crone. Neurotyrant, Flyrant, Winged Tyranid Prime

Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks

Tyranids are known for their endless swarms and giant monsters, but these are far from their only tools of war. Whispers around the camp tell of murderous assassins that melt into the shadows, spawned to sow terror in the ranks, and unfortunately for tale-tellers… the stories are true.


The Lictors and Deathleaper have both received stunning new miniatures, but the Neurolictor is perhaps the most fascinating new biomorph of all. Created for the battleground of psychological warfare, these Lictor variants combine intense psychic abilities with formidable claws – crippling enemy morale either by subtle suggestion or wanton brutality.

These hidden killers work well with the Tyranids’ Shadow in the Warp army ability, debilitating the combat skills of Battle-shocked units by sheer proximity. Once the enemy is in disarray, the Neurolictor slinks into close combat and assassinates a protected leader with a barrage of Precision melee attacks.

40k Lictors Sept01 NeurolictorSheet

The regular Lictor is also still more than capable of delivering the final blow, with larger talons that sink through armour. As with Deathleaper,* their rules have barely changed since their Index card, but the new Tyranid Detachments provide an interesting twist on their unique role as a stealth assassin.


As you may remember from earlier this week, the Vanguard Onslaught Detachment gives Tyranids the ability to charge during the same turn in which they fell back, ensuring your assassins can pounce onto another unwitting victim before the vengeful bodyguards of the first get their own back. These powerful hit-and-run attacks are aided by the Lictor’s Pheromone Trail ability and the new Invisible Hunter Stratagem, which lets you spirit a valuable unit away from unfavourable confrontations before dropping them back down next to a fresh new target – all for just 1 Command Point.

40k Lictors Sept01 LictorRule

All of these abilities make a brood of Lictors a deadly proposition for enemy commanders, who can be charged from unexpected quarters before they know what’s happening. Then, when their prize has been reduced to a messy stain, you even get your CP refunded by the Feeder Tendrils ability. When your captain-killers are this self-sufficient, can you afford not to take a few?

We haven’t even talked about how well the three work together – the Leadership-sapping power of Deathleaper’s Fear of the Unseen ability perfectly sets up a Neurolictor’s prey for some failed Battle-shock tests, while the Lictor can appear as if from nowhere to capitalise on a broken foe.

40k Lictors Sept01 DeathleaperRule

The Hive Mind is not driven by emotion – or even, some Imperial scholars would argue, conscious thought – and rarely takes the stubborn defiance of its prey personally. Yet even a gestalt alien intelligence spread across the stars will sometimes single out a few key belligerents and decide “yes, those ones have to die.” For this purpose it creates towering bioforms that dwarf even Carnifexes, biologically programmed with the sole desire to run down their target and grind it into space meat.*

Of these apex predators, two main genotypes have been identified – known to Imperials as Norn Emissaries and Norn Assimilators. 

NornEmissaryAssimilator Aug29 Image1

Each is a hulking mass of muscle and claws, deflecting shots meant for battle tanks off their thick chitinous plate while tearing across the battlefield with uncanny agility for a creature of their size. The Norn Emissary pairs this physical power with fearsome psychic might, gaining a 4+ Invulnerable save and access to a versatile ranged attack.

NornEmissaryAssimilator Aug29 Image2

So powerful is each Emissary that just one was able to smash through Imperial lines and get within a hair’s breadth of killing Lord Solar Leontus, only thwarted at the last moment by the timely intervention of Trajann Valoris and his Custodian Guard. Even still, the creature slaughtered many of the Emperor’s bodyguards before being brought down.

The Norn Assimilator, however, trades psychic prowess and protection for raw damage, spearing infantry and armoured targets alike with its razor-sharp toxinjector harpoons. As if being impaled by poisonous barbs the size of a telephone pole wasn’t bad enough, these wicked weapons help the Assimilator to reel in larger prey when the beast charges.

NornEmissaryAssimilator Aug29 Image3

Both variants share the same Singular Purpose ability, allowing you to decide whether your Norn Queen gene-wove this particular monstrosity to target a specific enemy unit or a specific objective. You’ll choose the creature’s focus at the start of the first battle round, allowing you to adapt your living superweapon to counter each opponent’s army and deployment, throwing an almighty wrench into where it’ll most hurt their war machine.

NornEmissaryAssimilator Aug29 Image4

As big, stompy beasts, the Norn Emissaries and Assimilators particularly benefit from being part of a Crusher Stampede Detachment, but they’re quite happy to join the hunt with any of their knee-high broodmates too. They’re both SYNAPSE beasts, allowing them to direct nearby critters in pursuit of their purpose-bred goal, but neither is a CHARACTER, and so they can’t be your Warlord – these monsters are more akin to a cruise missile on legs than their scheming, strategically-minded Hive Tyrant cousins.

Whether you prefer poisoned prongs or mental malice, this new evolution offers an excellent blunt instrument of bloody-minded destruction, and a threat so terrifying that your opponent won’t be able to help but turn his strongest guns that way.


Want one for yourself? Why not three? The Norn Emissary kit builds both variants, and is up for pre-order this Saturday, so make sure to pick up your brand new Codex: Tyranids and start preying on your opponent’s favourite heroes. Let’s see if the Adeptus Custodes can intervene this time.


Now, you could listen to us talk about it until we’re blue in the face, but there’s no beating insider knowledge. That’s why we spoke to Rich and Andy from the Warhammer Studio about the new Codex, and what it was like to work on such a momentous project.

Warhammer Community: Thanks for giving us a peek behind the curtain. We’re just on the cusp of Codex: Tyranids releasing – is there anything significant that you feel makes it stand out against the Codexes that have come before?

Rich: The new Codex contains the most diverse set of ways to collect and play a Tyranid army that have ever been presented, while simultaneously containing some of the most streamlined and user-friendly rules ever designed for the faction. 

Andy: Then of course there’s the wealth of new units and – the bit I’m most excited about from a gaming point of view – a treasure trove of Tyranid Crusade content. It charges hobbyists with consuming worlds and recycling their opponents’ armies into raw biomass, enhancing their gaming experiences with yet more warrior organisms to add to their swarm.  


Rich: Combat Patrol has also provided a really achievable entry point for starting a brand new army. I’d previously found it intimidating to even consider building and painting 2,000 points of miniatures. I personally love playing the Tyranids Combat Patrol – The Vardenghast Swarm – and being able to build and paint a game-ready force in really short order has made this Codex one of the most personally exciting for me.

WarCom: What were some aspects of Tyranid warfare that you most wanted to highlight when designing the new Detachments?

Andy: From a background point of view, our aim with the Detachments was to fully express their lore, and help contextualise each one within the wider Tyranid battle plan. This was a really fun task, as each Detachment does a great job of embodying a different phase in the gruesome cycle of invasion.

Rich: Choosing a Detachment, from the Unending Swarm to the Crusher Stampede, gives you access to a wide array of gameplay styles that reflect how the Hive Mind goes to war. These are intentionally designed to show the adaptability open to all Tyranid swarms, as now any hive fleet can play in any style they like – the only limit is the imagination of the player.


WarCom: The Tyranids are the big headline threat in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 – did this prominence inform any of the decisions you made when writing the Codex?

Andy: It certainly pushed us to make sure that there was some focus on the opening events of the Fourth Tyrannic War. With Tyranids firmly at the forefront of the ongoing Warhammer 40,000 narrative right now, we’ve been careful to focus some attention on what hobbyists will already have learned from diving into the Crusade: Tyrannic War book, in particular. 

There’s some really atmospheric and – frankly – pretty horrifying bits of short fiction in there as well as timeline boxouts, all of which will help new and existing Tyranid collectors alike to immerse themselves in this monstrous faction. A lot of these were inspired by the wealth of great new pieces produced by our studio artists depicting the horror of war against the Tyranids! 


WarCom: Speaking earlier of the new miniatures – what’s your favourite unit from the new Codex? 

Rich: I’ve always been a massive fan of the Lictor – I love the idea of an unknowable alien assassin, huge and powerful, and yet silently stalking and all but invisible to onlookers. With the introduction of Von Ryan’s Leapers, the new Lictor model, Deathleaper’s new miniature, and the Neurolictor, I feel like this Codex is a major celebration of the assassin archetype, and I am entirely here for that. Soon I’ll be forced to create a purely Lictor-themed army. 

Andy: For me, it’s all about those new Biovore and Pyrovore models. The old ones were classics, but the complete aesthetic design refresh really pushes them to the forefront for me and makes them look every bit as ghastly, alien and menacing as they deserve to. Of course, it’s also hard to ignore the scuttling tentacle-mawed horror of the Psychophage – that thing’s a real terror, and leans far into the insectile nastiness that makes the Tyranids such a cool and engaging faction.


WarCom: Finally, a simple one. How worried should the galaxy be?

Rich: Not very. They’re only bugs, after all.

Andy: Well, they say you are what you eat. So if it’s any consolation to the rest of the galaxy, they’ll all get to make valuable contributions to the Tyranids’ all-consuming invasions given time…

Thanks guys! You’ll have your own chance to decide whether the Tyranids are tru

The new Codex replaces the free Index which came at the start of the edition, expanding your army options with new Detachments and introducing new and updated datasheets. 

In addition to the familiar Invasion Fleet Detachment, there are five more to choose from. For the Tyranids, these represent the various ways that a hive fleet wages war over the course of their invasion, and today we’re declassifying some vital Ordo Xenos intel on how they work.


Each Detachment offers your army unique benefits: a Detachment rule, four Enhancements, and six Stratagems. While some factions will find that the Detachment from their Index changes slightly when their Codex arrives, this is not the case for the Invasion Fleet, which functions exactly as it does now. 

If you like your bio-monsters large and stompy, you’ll be glad to see the return of the Crusher Stampede. This Detachment powers up your big beasties once they start taking damage, and they’ll be able to take plenty of it now that MONSTERS and VEHICLES are much tougher overall.

NewTyranidDetachments Aug28 Image2

With army construction being much easier in the new edition, you can now fill your force with all the Carnifexes, Mawlocs, and Tervigons you’d like,* and it’s a doddle to make sure that every unit on your side of the battlefield benefits from the new rules. Don’t worry about having fewer miniatures on the board to contest objectives – the Ominous Presence Enhancement shores up the OC stat on your Characters.

NewTyranidDetachments Aug28 Image3

But perhaps it’s still early days for your invasion, and you’re trying to keep your swarming on the down-low. Instead of crushing everything in your path, build your army with the Vanguard Onslaught Detachment and slip those lovely new Lictors, Neurolictors, and Deathleapers right behind your opponent’s lines.

NewTyranidDetachments Aug28 Image4

As you might expect, these sneaky critters specialise in assassinating key enemy units with blistering assaults. VANGUARD INVADER units also include most flying creatures, as well as Broodlords and Genestealers, so even if stealth isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll have plenty of lightning-fast bruisers to pick from.

Just imagine the new Winged Tyranid Prime barrelling towards your opponent’s Warlord with the Chameleonic Enhancement keeping it safe and the Assassin Beasts Stratagem in your pocket.

NewTyranidDetachments Aug28 Image5

NewTyranidDetachments Aug28 Image6

Each Detachment puts a wildly different spin on your battle plans and – since they’re not locked to any particular hive fleet – you can chop and change which one you’re using whenever you like. Perhaps you flood the board with an Unending Swarm of ENDLESS MULTITUDE infantry, build a devouring Assimilation Swarm around a brood of hungry, hungry Haruspexes, or unleash the power of the Hive Mind itself in a Synaptic Nexus.

NewTyranidDetachments Aug28 Image7

NewTyranidDetachments Aug28 Image8

NewTyranidDetachments Aug28 Image9

Amongst the teeming multitude of ravenous horrors that make up the Tyranid Hive Fleets, there are a few towering beasts that stride above the swarm – the will of the Hive Mind made manifest in an abhorrent behemoth. 

The latest of these are the Norn Emissary and the Norn Assimilator, creatures spawned when the Hive Mind has a crucial goal it simply must accomplish.

OghramPreview Norn Jul15 Emissary

The Norn Emissary is perhaps the ultimate synapse creature, bigger and nastier than even a Hive Tyrant. They are evolved for the singular purpose of preying on gifted commanders or abducting knowledgeable prey from heavily defended strongholds. 

Before battle, the Norn Queen imbues this goliath with the distilled knowledge it needs to succeed in its mission, which it prosecutes with a combination of brute strength and incredible psionic power, backed up by a frankly unnatural degree of agility for a creature of its size.

OghramPreview Norn Jul15 EmisFULL

OghramPreview Norn Jul15 EmisDeets

If the Norn Emissary is the brainy avatar of the Hive Fleet, the Norn Assimilator is its raw strength made flesh. When the Hive Fleet has decided that a particular prey-creature or fortification must be eliminated, it sends forth an inexhaustible Norn Assimilator.

OghramPreview Norn Jul15 Assimilator

In the face of such raw alien power, running is the only sensible decision. In its infinite alien wisdom, the Hive Mind has already thought this through, so the Norn Assimilator packs a pair of massive toxinjector harpoons to pinion its prey in place.

OghramPreview Norn Jul15 AssimFULL

OghramPreview Norn Jul15 AssimDeets

Horrifying Living Artillery

A Tyranid invasion is an experience of true and unrelenting horror. The sky darkens as fleshy spore pods rain down from the heavens, expelling toxic clouds and ravenous beasts. On the ground, gigantic monsters lumber forth to crack open vital fortifications, allowing a flood of alien bioforms to devour those within.

All the while, the beleaguered defenders must contend with Tyranid ordnance – living munitions, delivered by living artillery. For this purpose, the Hive Mind spawns such creatures as Exocrines, Tyrannofexes, and now the newly-evolved Biovores and Pyrovores.

OghramPreview Biovore Jul15 Image0

Biovores are essentially sentient mortar batteries, each carrying a symbiotic launcher-organ swollen with a clutch of Spore Mines. These volatile offspring are fired across the battlefield in violent muscle spasms – truly, the miracle of birth. 

The Biovore’s new, wider form allows it to operate as an efficient firing platform, digging chitin-barbed legs deep into the ground to absorb the shuddering recoil of its weapon. These tentacled orbs instinctively float towards prey like malicious alien balloons, before bursting and showering their targets with bone shards, toxic gas, and corrosive fluids.

The Pyrovore, on the other hand, is a creature designed to help its hive fleet predigest the toughest minerals and biomass – like a mother bird chewing up worms for its chick, if the worms were ceramite-clad Space Marines. 

OghramPreview Pyrovore Jul15 Image1

The beast’s network of stomachs gurgles with bio-chemical nastiness, which drools from its acidic maw and erupts from its dorsal symbiote as caustic jets of flammable gas. A Pyrovore can engulf entire squads in chemical fire, melting armour and flesh ahead of consumption. Disgusting, but effective – the Hive Mind clearly hasn’t found time to evolve its table manners.

Sometimes even the ineffable mind of the hive fleet is aware that a little finesse and blood-curdling terror is more effective than the weight of numbers it tends to prefer as the ultimate solution to every problem.

Creatures like Von Ryan’s Leapers and Lictors are stealthy slaughterers, evolved for the express purpose of infiltrating deep into enemy territory and launching gory assaults at the perfect time to sow maximum disorder. They’ve been given an exquisite makeover, and have even received a brand-new brainy variant.

OghramPreview Lictors Jul15 Image0

Larger than the Von Ryan’s Leapers, Lictors have been a mainstay of the Tyranid forces since their introduction into Warhammer 40,000. They are agile hunters with chameleonic skin, and two huge crescent talons attached to powerful arms that can effortlessly split a Space Marine in two, no problem.

When they’ve slayed their foe, they use their writhing feeder tendrils to suck out their brain matter, somehow ingesting the knowledge held by their foes which they impart to the Hive Mind. 

The Hive Mind has not rested on its sinewy laurels since creating the perfect assassin however. Carefully orchestrated evolution has created a new strain of Lictor, a psychological horror whose highly developed neural organs emit a wave of psychic dread that causes even the most iron-willed warriors to experience an atavistic terror response.

These psychic abilities grant them the ability to mask their presence by confounding their enemy’s senses, rendering them hapless when the main Tyranid force arrives to finish the job.

The apex of the Lictor bioform is the Deathleaper, a rare evolution that has stalked battlefields for decades now like some chitinous spectre. It’s even evolved to get a cool flesh cape, striking an even more fearsome figure than ever before.

While all of these creatures can find a home in the standard Invasion Force Detachment, they excel in the Vanguard Assault Detachment – one of the new Detachments you can look forward to in Codex: Tyranids

Focused on sowing terror within enemy ranks before blindsiding them with lighting-fast flanking assaults, this Detachment allows Deathleaper to take up the role of Warlord, using goading imperatives to coordinate its allies in lethal assaults.

Tyranid Hive Fleets float through the void of space searching for biomass to consume. Space is a big place, and the Tyranids narrow their hunt with vanguard organisms who locate the juiciest planets for the main fleet to descend upon. 

OghramPreview Genestealers Jul15 Image1

Genestealers are one of these species of creature, vicious four-armed killers which have existed almost as long as Warhammer 40,000 itself. 

OghramPreview Genestealers Jul15 Image2

These creatures range out in advance of the Tyranid hive fleet, inhabiting great Space Hulks that drift through space, which will inevitably attract the attention of greedy salvagers over time. They secrete themselves on the scrap haulers and exploratory vessels that return to populated worlds, where they bed in undercover and spread their malign influence.

This results in a Genestealer Cult, hoodwinked by the synaptic power of the Genestealer into believing that the hive fleet is a god sent to unshackle them from their drudgery.

In battle,these ferocious aliens are a blur of rending claws, able to tear even a mighty Terminator limb from limb with little resistance. 

This dynamic new kit refines the classic design, adding heavier carapace plates, and a sense of terrifying motion through a range of new poses. There are even enough betentacled Ymgarl heads included to outfit the whole unit, a nod to the mysterious variant first encountered on the moons of Ymgarl.

OghramPreview Genestealers Jul15 Image3

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