Author: Brent

Strictly Stalking: Proxies for Tournaments

So the tournament season is in full swing, and I’m looking forward to this year’s BoLSCon – er, sorry: WarGames Con, which kicks off on Thursday in Austin. INSERT PLUG. Here’s my plug: go, if you’re able to swing it last minute,...

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Strictly Stalking: On Blogging. Part III

Today we’re going to look at the worst person blog out there… a blog so heinous I can’t even say its name until I’m sure all the preview links and Twitter blurbs out there are past the minimum characters. I wouldn’t want to...

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Strictly Stalking: On Blogging, Part Two

CliffNotes Version (for you lazy buggers): A Gentleman’s Ones is a hobby blog focusing on BSMoove’s unique, background-oriented approach to painting and playing 40K. His style lends itself well to distressed metals and blood. He...

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Strictly Stalking: On Blogging, Week One

On Blogging, Week One Brent here, borrowed again from Strictly Average in what I hope will be a regular series of articles… Scratch that.  Let’s chat a moment. This article is late going to the editor, TastyTaste, and while he...

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Strictly Blowing: The Real Story of Hard Boyz

    The Real Story of Hard Boyz, 2009    Brent here, from Strictly Average, and I’ve been invited back to the wonderful world of douchery that is Blood of Kittens to wax eloquent on a subject near and dear to my empty, digital...

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