And welcome to the birth of a blog. As  my most recent meaningful life experience mainly involved mashing a piece of hot metal with a large blunt instrument , I found that putting this blog together has been….@(*&*%$

Will not OBEY

Two things have spurred me to do this , actually three .

1. I hate painting, for me painting is the most heinous of tortures that should (in an ideal world) be reserved for the most despicable and imaginative of kiddy fiddlers.

This blog is just a new and creative way for me to avoid the PAINting, over time yo will see the incredible lengths I will go to to avoid painting multiple rank-and-file mini’s, oh yes, you will…..

2. I have had enough of posting all my latest work/ thoughts on multiple sites Its becoming a bit of a mission to ‘do the rounds’, so I figured this would be a splendid place to consolidate it all and also to rant about how SH*T Eldar are in fifth and also how I seem to scrape wins in spite of my monumentally epic runs of bad luck. For example today saw Eldrad and Yriel die messily from only 5 wounds between them, Last week my farseer failed every single save he was asked to make (2) then promptly failed a perils a ghost helm and an invun, that particular event has gone down in club history as ‘Projectile Farseer syndrome’

Needless to say Im hoping to do bat reps for my games so a wider audience can enjoy and share in my disbelief/nerd rage at my own misfortune.

3. Should really be at the top , I recently became interested in Dethtrons Blog ‘Dick Move’ and have been lurking there for a bit , the frankly hilarious content there has served as a bit of an eye opener for me into the freedom of blogging, the main selling point has to be being able to call Fucktard Asshats out on being cock wipes and just speaking my mind.

I will be discussing all things eldar here but I cannot promise I won’t deviate into non hobby humour ,music, film, books or whatever shiny bauble has my helpless rapt attention at the time.

A recent spat of emails with Mr Tron and being involved in a recent post over there pushed me over the edge.

So Thankyou Dethtron, you lit the match……

And to get Everyone started here is my most recently finished work

And Look who is up next

No invun huh , never mind , its not like I’ll pass it even if he did have one.

Finally as an afterthought contemplating the protection of the games designer genepool,  Does anyone know someone who might be interested in chemically castrating Matt Ward ?

just planting seeds , hoping they’l grow…….