FINALLY finished these

Which Earns me one of these

Just an observation if I may , I am a retarded dullard , in my epic wisdom I decided that painting all three as a batch would ‘speed things up’  Fail …

I knew that I should do the Exarch separately I just wanted the whole lot over in one go , oh well lesson learned.

The celebration Whiskey is to reward myself for finishing 40 foot models, FORTY , Bleurgh

I have had a fiddle with Mr Ra’s (Sir) base and have settled on this, I quite like the poetry of the Deamonette claw reaching around the Eldar ruin with Ra stood over , It shows that (in my mind) even though the Eldar civilization is a shade of itself thanks to the ‘great Enemy’ She still has to get past Sir …

Blither waffle gibber pretentious waffle something pretentious something.

Also up next is the first of my fully magnetized prism’s which I’ll be painting now.