So, following on from my last post, no sooner had I settled my self back into a game I had started with a chap the other day, vassal died ….. not even the main site has been up to contact anyone so I’m now suffering terrible cold turkey.

 Having the ‘honeymoon stage’ with a new plaything cut short is pain that should be reserved for kiddy fiddlers and people in marketing.

All a bit Richard the third really….

I’ll wait to get a bit more time on vassal before I tear it to pieces for this outrage, so if anyone would like a game when they fix it drop me a line.

Ok so this here is an announcement of sorts, as I take the odd break from the Pain (ting) I will be doing a unit by unit analysis/rant on the units in the Eldar codex. I will also be submitting for potential public ridicule my own re written rules for them, which bring them up to scratch with 5th.

Will be fishing for some opinions and Just to shake things up a bit I’ll be going backwards through the book hopefully at the rate of about one per week.

So once the cramps cease and I have rid myself of the scent of vom and poo and cleaned up a little Ill be attempting to tackle the Fire prism.