Ok , the DE have landed and any semblance of dignity has been flung into the nearest woodchipper. Even worse like a sign from god (Jes) The DE advanced orders should arrive at my house on my birthday , Im not going to argue when fate stipulated that me and lilith are meant to be together …..

Was unphased by the green looking ones but this ……

And this :

Might give you some Idea what will be coming off my brush in the near future ;o)

Apparently forgeworld has done a new aspect which has a flying pack and a mini prism cannon , sounds weird …..

I will be continuing work on the 1750 Mechdar to completion and also will continue the Retro review articles/tactica.

The DE are now a more relevant army for 5th and It’s my turn god damn it !! til the next marine book ……

Up next is the Wraithlord Retro for this week.