Currently I am working on a few things, after some head to head tuition with Kirby and talks /study with various minds  my mech list is seeing some tweaks. This is likely to be the last of such tweaks.

Im also playing with a clown theme list at the moment on vassal which is heaps of fun ,especially when you have been flogging the mech monkey for a while.

This primer is to let you know that this weeks Retro review is under way. I have had little feedback on the first so going ahead with a second article on the assumption no news is good news.

Also some random bits of good news in the world of Sorrowshard.

Maugan Ra took first place in the Ammobunkers monthly contest this month, have also had several people ask if its a GD entry.

In painting news I have attempted to start on the second prism, however my spraying skills mangled it again and am having to spend hours layering watered Chaos black onto it to fix :o(

Also managed to win our local 400pt CP mini tourney with a footdar list despite my claims that footdar blow and were crippled due to tourney restrictions (only because tourney restrictions meant I could not take wave-serpents)

And finally the bog has been updated with its own chat panel , ‘The infinity Circuit’ maybe speak to some of you soon ;o)

Retro review up in the next 2 days,stay tuned