Hello Bloggees

Been A little worried as hits and comments have died off recently, people also seem to be reading but not Commenting joining/following ? I suspect it has nothing to do with it being so Awsomroxscorxz !! that you are left wordless and welling up.

Is it something I said :’o(

Anyway, to try and nip this in the bud I have set up a poll for the lazy people over there on top right, Would be great to get some feedback from you lot.

Would be even better to get some suggestions in regards to Eldar /DE specific stuff I can do/cover for you on here ?

Bat reps are in the pipeline , but to do that I REALLY need to finish painting the army…….

Anyway, look forward to hearing from you :o)

Edit:Well I’m making this edoit some months after posting , here’s a little treat for anyone who has bothered to read this far back ;o) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekXxi9IKZSA

Laughed my ass off .