Yup, the sun is …. non existent the slaves are screaming and It’s good to be ‘alive’ .

Just in time for birthday :o)

yup my pre order showed u,p many shiny boxes full of plastic crack, I have been busy getting high on whatever addictive substance it is they pump into mini boxes to make them smell so good…..

hang on …*deep sniff* Ahhh , thats better …….  * rolls on DE drugs table *


As I was getting the pictures of the stuff from my phone I came across this piece of wondrous joy (sarcasm) from four attempts to penetrate with lances from one of mondays games , my luck is kinda like that at the moment , always seems to happen when I change lists ………

Snake eyes ? more like Lollerskates 

Oh yeah , Im not big on advertising but I pre ordered 2 ravagers and 12 reavers from these guys and saved over £30.00 after paying for the (very reasonable) shipping. Their prices ae what GW should be charging.

I’ll report back on the service at a later date but if you are in the UK and want to save some penniez on your space elf crack, check em out.

Work is continuing on my warp spider retro , will go up tomorrow ;o)