At Last !! “The Invidious Requiem” kabal is given birth !

Muh hahaha ha haaagh liive ! LIIIVE my pretties, release the flying monkeys, Hellions !!

I actually like this test scheme, I think I’m good to go.

This turned into a heck of alot of work, going to have to find a way to speed this up when I do the army. I really like how the basing turned out and will have mangled skeletons and jagged rocks all over the place , I’m kinda Impatient to see what the red uplight looks like on a raider …..And I’m really going to need a way to speed these up, Its a little less monochrome than I had originally planned but needed the extra colour to make it ‘pop’

I even tried something new with the photography, better ? or stick to white ?

Steve, if you read this , drop me a line , I need to bounce some ideas off you for my Archon Conversion ;o)

Does this work as DE ? I think it does ?

lastly a small update, Next rave review is Grotesques, should go up over the course of the weekend, spacewolf showcase on El D’s blog is also on the cards and fingers crossed , we have a cracking Interview lined up. As for painting Ima crack on with finishing the mechdar while I convert my Archon , he will be my reward for finishing all the tanks ….