Well, I found some motivation somewhere and started this yesterday. When I decided to wrap it up last night  I made a list of things to do and estimated times to completion.

In theory I should have been done by 7 maybe 8 o clock this evening but was still going at 11 ish with plenty to go….. was hoping to get these done @ about 6-7 hours per model, I think its more like ten or so.

ARRGH ! going to have nightmares about those damn never ending panel lines forever …

Once the serpents are done I still have a Falcon and finally the second prism to knock out ….. so maybe 70 hours or so to finish the army to 1750. I’m going to aim to finish by the end of January.

I only decided to get these done as there are so many holes in the DE model range at the moment I’m loathe to start in earnest yet. I may as well finish the Mech and take it to the bulk of tourneys I can get to in 2011.

More likely to have the play experience list and models I require/need to see the DE tourney list for next autumn.

This weeks retro will be up, hopefully tomorrow, depending on how the painting goes. Hoping to update you on the Space wolves showcase at some point soon too.