Hi all

Well I say all, for some reason my move has caused a bit of a hit to my traffic ……

Anyway, posting/painting has been non existent the last week really , landed a sweet new job but had to subsequently drop everything to find a Shardmobile at short notice , So I have been running around like a headless chicken these last few days looking at cars etc .  I eventually found one I like and ticks all the right boxes, sadly the previous owners left it smelling and looking like a pub toilet and the stereo has gremlins ….. We took it for a full valet and it looks sweet now , the smell will be expunged with chemical fire tomorrow. Sadly the stereo continues to confound everyone I have asked/shown it to, we need someone to perform the ritual of the omnissiah on the damn thing…. *grinds teeth*

So in some way to make up for it , here’s the latest excellent piece of colour work from our friend MajesticChicken

So its been early mornings and full days , no time to post or even really think about hobby , I’ll likely get something up in the next few days (I hope) but its first week on an important new job ,so It may not happen.

Apologies, normal service will resume asap