Well the Asshattery at Warseer has reached new heights of Mothering. The hitler Clones are hard at work saving the world from intelligent quality content. Wankers, ahh thats better Its my blog And Ill write what I like (to a degree)

For your entertainment I give you transcript of Emails from their mod team SS death squad.

Frankly I had had enough got warning points before for something inconsequential , this IS a bit rich, so I spat them a response……

Well , the whole thing is just comedy , Its not like I go there for anything but Rumors these days , Irisado has famously shut down anything Intelligent in the Eldar Tactica  and the DE one is lame , apparently this is happening with some frequency now , almost like someone is running Whinequeer like a business ……..

Im hoping for a juicy response  from Twat-tauri, keep your eyes peeled for updates ;o)

Edit: Tah Daah !!

I fight for the users !!

oh and  something in keeping with this posts theme to amuse you.