El Diablo from Mindofthedeamon is on his way down for a visit. I was actually sick of proxying two 3rds of my DE force, especislly when I had Commoragh in my cupboard since Nov/Crimbo.

So in spite of my new job I got on with some assembly ¬†Thursday and Friday night and completed two raiders. Since then has been a bit of a blur but I have since finished more models than I need for the 1750 list I will be taking on EL D with. Its currently a mystery what he’ll be bringing , either his Death guard or the new Sanguinary guard list ….

In other News, Ima throw it out there , but I feel the disintegrator has its place in the DE army, to that end I have swapped out two dark lances for some desinti-love on my Trueborn gunwagons, desperately want to try a desinti Ravager ¬†(or three), my heart says yes but my head says no , perhaps when GK are being played by the bandwagon brigade , they are to be discouraged after all ……

My back is killing me and my fingers are stabbed full o holes , think I’ll hold of on the painting for a few days, lol


Some not terribly exciting pictures, just to prove I am not full of yak dung.


BTW , i do actually just run my trueborn in 4’s , but they look lame like that , the leader and dark lance are mostly for show , though I intend to try out the DL”s so made the models anyway , Im one DL short of having two for each squad , anyone have/know someone with a spare ?

Ill be back with a bit of a bat rep and maybe some pictures on Tuesday night, laters folks