Yup it seems the greyknights are coming in their greymobile wearing their grey armour whilst shooting their greyguns and swinging their grey sabres, whilst if the rumors are to be believed creep may appear to have been resumed, with a book that seems like it will be over 50% new special rules, kinda remember sustained assult being too broken on a one wound over priced str 3 eldar , but its ok on an imperial dreadnought …….

I wanted to say more but someone already said it all.

Lexington speaks

“Oh. Good. An army that was a bad idea in the first place, being given a new Codex during an era in which Games Workshop has thrown all basic dignity of their IP into a wood-chipper, written by a man who seems to have walked out of The Phantom Menace thinking “that was great, but it needed more Jar-Jar.”


that is all ….