Edit: here’s a better one now, first was a bit poop.

Ok I’ll admit it , the rubbishy pre published phantom rules really effected me , I have been dealing with ineffectual over priced Eldar  ‘technological superiority’ for too long and I simply had to do this to feel better. Im going to send it in to FW in the hopes it at very least gives them some ideas. I simply won’t buy something no matter if it is staggeringly ball achingly beautiful. if its going to result in me being brutally repeto stabbed in the heart/wallet over and over the few times I get an opportunity to get it out on a table.


Y know I’m tempted to ‘fix’ the Specters and Warp hunter too , I quite enjoyed the process of thinking this through and setting it out , hmmm


Aaarg , just realised I missed the fething notes for the warp rift mode , Its just like a sonic lance except it’s ‘D’ and ignores voids as usual , the ‘standard’ shot is supposed to do D3 hits (which you roll on the table for) similar to the old titan killer rules ….feck *facepalmfacepalmfacepalm