It was great utterly packed and full of Eldar (and Dark Eldar ) goodies this year. I’ll try my best to write up here but it’ll likely lack any cohesion and be a sort of stream of consciousness thing …

The phantom is even nicer in the flesh than the photo’s would suggest , much more proportional and ….beautiful, after a bit of a conversation regarding the  Experimental rules i saw it was close to 2300 of fail … 8 structure points usual lame’ o holo save a pulsar with an extra shot and a cobra gun with some extra range …. it had two missile launchers one is a heavy 4 EML and the other was a heavy 4 str 5 AA launcher , I was pretty vocal in telling them a str 5 AA mount would be utter shite …it was duly noted . `Also the starcannon it gets has an extra shot ?

I did actually discuss much of the failings of eldar rules to date with Warwick, Talima and Alan (who is developing the rules for the Eldar in the next IA book) they have yet to fix the warp hunter or shadow specters in the copy I saw. The phantom really is a thing of beauty and the alternate pose version next to Will was ace , very dynamic unlike the Saturday night fever style one we have all seen so far  he confirmed plans were afoot for an eventual Warlock head , gun and cockpit variant … porn

Two other things of note from the IA book, the Solitaire is in and there is a Specters phoenix lord, the rules for both are utterly underwhelming, the solitaire is to all intents and purposes a ws 8 harlequin  with some extra wounds, he can buy a 4++ or shadowfield and has access to a power wep a harlies kiss and a neural shredder , 4 attacks makes him barely more dangerous than a troupe leader , oh yeah , he can buy a vortex grenade for apococrap , his special rule , the one I can remember gives him re-roll to wound VS Slaanesh ,actually I hazily recollect  him having a rule forcing him to not be able to join any squads, oh dear :o(

The phoeinix lord chappy is phoenix lord stats with shadow specter exarch rules and equipment, looks like he wont see the table just like his brothers/Drazzy …

His next project (pleasegodletitbetrue) is what could only at this time be described as a DE ‘pirate ship’ of significant size, talking of DE there was a completed raider /ravager with a huge centrally mounted haywire gun , lets hope the rules don’t suck or just end up being a wraithgun ….. there was also a fairly advanced WiP twin hulled catamaran DE thing of a good size. not sure where they are going with it atm, I’ll reserve judgement on it for now , on the plus side its more or less confirmed that DE will be in the next IA book , which lets face it makes it faptacular .

I bought a lynx to keep me going , Ima start a phantom kitty and hopefully put together enough cash in time for my birthday, assuming I force myself to complete my Eldar Mech Spam by then

Final note really , great day the FW guys were all real gents and special thanks go Warwick and Alan who probably had to put up with a bit of a rant about Eldar rules and some critique of what I had seen in IA 12 ? Especially Alan who battled through a crippling dose of man-flu to put in a showing and did his best to field my grilling, “he is aware of the schism amongst Eldar players” Im not sure if he meant the Imperial/Xeno rules  schism ….but Alan on the off chance you read this, thanks and please give us something as bent as the achilles :oP