Yup , First squad is done, good stuff and the scheme is nailed down for the rest of the army now.

Incidentally my trueborn have been complete and total suckfail for several weeks now, I either cant hit/wound/penetrate/roll above to 2 on the chart at all, both squads completely fail at anything I ask of them, this week it’s taken 28 lance shots to bring down a Vendetta , 18 to bring down a single killa can, the list goes on, my inability to hurt armour at all is giving me stress headaches in games, I really don’t know what to do, I know DE AT aint the greatest (actually I think it is pitifully weak) but I’m struggling to kill even av 10 open topped stuff, I’m starting to despair. I go to great lenghts to catch things out of cover, in side/rear armour, I stack the odds in my favour as much as I can :o(, the current list is not OTT but I have around 20 lance weapons and 4 heat lances, my bloody hellions and Incubi end up having to kill tanks half the time …..

I got to turn 5/6 tonight vs orks and had only killed a wartruck , immobilized another and destroyed one killer kan (In a fething squadron) I had shot multiple lances at vehicles every single turn to little or no effect, its been crushing and relentless and is just flat spoiling the game for me at the moment, there are alot of vehicles around these days and struggling to kill even the lightest stuff makes games very very hard for DE, game after game after game.


Squad can be used three ways, all seven together , 3-4 blasters and 2 lances + Sgt.

Their venoms are incoming as are some razorwings which is a blessing as my Ravagers have also been FUCKING CRAP recently *sigh*

And I just realized I have forgotten to do the OSL on the Drakon’s face …… bollocks! O’ll sort it tomorrow :o/