Go on, give your eyes a blowjob…. Twice


Well, at first glance I was not sure if I was too keen on the Venom, though now I just think it’s suffered from GW’s unflattering photography of late, I think the model will be very nice in your hands. Ima getting a pair for my trueborn squads.

I love the sheer level of intricate detail on the Talos, is hot candidate for best MC ever . I find the Chronos underwhelming (whats with the willy wonka lollipop shield ?). I doubt I will get any though because I feel they are pretty poor heavy support choices, IF  I were to invest in an all freks theme list then I would naturally pick up three, but I am soooo not investing in a whole freaks army , It’ll be a miracle IF I can ever finish painting my Kabal/Wych cult stuff.

Scourges = jizz in my pants, shame the sprue pics are not there, they better come with enough stuff to do 2 special weps….I plan on getting a set of ten, I can’t really see them outing the reavers but me wanna play.

I really wish they had done the pissing battleforce with the initial release, with online discount I would have saved even more on some of my staple stuff .

Finally , lets talk fighters – Utter porn.  looks like all the weapon options are represented too, defo getting two but having to keep telling myself I won’t want or likely use three, but damn it would look teh sex …… Based on this I’m getting all moist thinking about the potential eye sex the Void Raven will offer . It’s such a shame the rules are not a bit better for the flyers, practicality/points efficiency will dictate we still see more Ravagers :o(

All in all I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed , best GW release in a long long time…..


The Pater Jes

Our Jes who art in Lenton

God-win be thy name,

Thy mini’s come thy will done, On earth models from heaven

Give us this day thy plastic crack and forgive meq players (optional) lead Mon’keigh into temptation.

And deliver us Evil

For thine is the studio the green stuff and the glory for ever and ever

Toy men