Well that was a pleasant diversion, lovely model. Almost caught myself enjoying painting this. Sorry folks I gave up on the photo’s, these are passable but do not really show how she appears in RL too well, Im not too happy with the panda eyes, but thats what you get for doing really fine work at the end of a very long day , shoudda finished up today really.

I’m usually ok but for some reason my camera mojo is fried. these are from the second attempt, I just lost the will to piss around with it so apologies, Maybe if it gets to my OCD enough to override the soul crushing desk job induced exhaustion I’ll have another go at the weekend.

I added a skull to the base to bring her more in line with my current army basing theme, I also tried for a pvc vest top as lelith is basically a mega stabby goth babe, with extra stabby.

As much as I enjoyed painting her ,it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure really as I should be painting shite I’m actually going in the army I’m hoping to complete for the Throne of Skulls in October …..yeah , we’ll see how that goes.

Next up a poison-car for the Tru born and maybe that much talked about Fire Dragon article ….