And that breeze was the FW Newsletter. My friend Craig sent me a text message saying “so how many Reapers are you going to buy” Clearly he had gone mad, I already have two squads of reapers and no self respecting Eldar player would go and spend actual money on that shite.

Yes, it is a sweet sweet piece of resin porn-candy, with a Doom-Cock ….

Lets take a collective moment to drink in those lines.


So yes very much a result in the toys department today, what with my two Razorwings showing up in the post too , that’ll keep me away from the brushes this weekend ….

So I had a look at the rules, at first I though that it’s a shame it is going to suffer from one gun syndrome, then I remembered , Ravagers explode in spring rain … so less of an issue than with something with some durability, I guess I was kinda hoping forgeworld might do something to balance out the Achilles problem, no this won’t allow DE to kill one either, oh well , lets look at what we do get in the roolz.

So aside from being a Ravager with the mystery inclusion of the sails (how cool would it be if these let you move-shoot-move ?) I don’t get the sails, sure it looks good but DE are as practical and efficient as they are about looking good….

OfC the thing we are really interested in here is the Gonne, Hmm It’s….. Interesting. I guess I’m sad that it’s not  a bit more outright damaging to vehicles, some early tests with dice have been underwhelming, though it’s worth mentioning that you resolve the str7 hit THEN get d3 haywire rolls, It’s pretty good on av12 or less, I guess the blast option is nice to have, given how effective DE were vs light infantry I’m not sure I can get too excited about a weak blast, with haywire and the redundant pointless rule (pinning) IF it had been ap3 and the main gun AP1 we would be cooking, it looks good on paper but is frankly IMO quite restrained considering it’s fro the minds that saw fit to actually publish the Achilles as it is ….

Lastly the tack on rule of ’causes ID on a to-wound roll of a six’ is almost laughable, I think Venom spam or dark lances are going to make MC’s and squadless IC’s go away much faster , kill shock is more like a mild tazing, occasionally it will induce a heart attack/stroke , come on FW pull your finger out , the last thing DE need is yet more vehicle suppression, give us something that can actually KILL armour please.

Overall I think it may be slightly better at suppression than a ravager but worse at actual killing with some duality thrown in and costs 30% more.

Im getting that letter writing twitch.

Back later in the weekend with a rave review for Reavers.