Good Day gentlemen, before I get to the meat of this update allow me some self indulgent waffle.

Eminor has been a little quiet of late, mainly because old car had to be taken to the glue factory and replaced with a younger, faster, better looking model (bit like what happened with my mechdar). So Shard has a new raider, the down side is the soul sucking shenanigans that surrounds this sort of thing and acute wallet rape.

Still thats blown over and I have found myself with enough energy to push on with some painting and have completed my first trueborn squads venom, It may get some free hand later .

While my wallet was being brutalized I figured “what the hell” and booked myself in for the autumn Throne event. This necessitates some short term changes to how I blog as I need to use all available time to pain…t.

I even take my crap down to the club and paint as of last week, so from now until the army is done I will only post one Retro or Rave a month,on the plus side I hope to be posting far more regular hobby updates than usual,todays post is the first of hopefully many, I’m aiming for a squad or a vehicle a week, I hope not to loose too much quality in the process, I have even booked some time off to really get stuck into the army .

Finally big public thanks to craig for helping me spray up over 2k of DE in one afternoon, and here’s something that will entertain anyone with a love of Ranting/nerd rage and a medical need to bring a painful end to Mr. Ward.¬†


Ps, Sorry to those folks who emailed, I have been up to my eyeballs in it, I’ll sift through them and fire out some responses as soon as I am able.