Wow, that was hard hard work, Lovely kits but a time consuming slavery-fest was required to get it done.

The Banner and sail will get some special custom decals later , I just need to get some paper, I’ll likely do the whole armies markings prior to varnish.

Do you feel lucky ?

I have one raider and a pair of Ravagers left to do, I was not prepared for the level of work involved ….sheesh , I think the   Razorwing will be a sight quicker to paint, reminds me that I need to magnetize the one I have painted,. I somehow sprayed and base-coated the current one before I realized it was the wrong one *fail*

As far as this particular part of the Army is concerned I just need to paint the Archon, Ill likely do the Wyches next, I’m aiming to get them done over the next two days, then I’ll have Sunday and monday clear to hopefully push out the Archon and something else.

Incubi lieks his gigantic flying ‘Klaive’

Still loads to do *sigh* And I want a Klaivex model, Mr God-Win If you happen to pop past, pretty please with a cherry on top can you push out a Klaivex/Drahzar ? my birthday is the 5th Nov, seems like as good a deadline as any *grin*
(Just don’t push back the Voidraven, I want that moArZ)