Hey as promised, updates, will only be completed stuff from now on.

With any luck you good chaps and chapette’s will be seeing some actual articles in the near future bye SinSynn of HoP, as he has loosly agreed to do a couple of guest articles to keep things ticking over while I paint my fingers down to raw bloody stumps….

Also there is a shiny banner in the pipeline, I’ll keep ya posted.

I wanted to do these in one go as there were only five, plus it’ll give me an incentive to do the Archon now his escort is all done (he got sprayed today) I managed to get these done in between much RL faffing start to finish in one day, if I can keep doing a squad in one or two sessions and a vehicle in a similar amount of time, should be well on track for ToS

In terms of the army I have everything but the Razorwing basecoated neatly in 4 flat colours, I have a squad of Truebon plus their ride and the Incubyebye’s complete, and up next for completetion is the Byebyemobile followed by the Archon.


A filler article on my ToS list is likely to follow in the week.


Bye Bye for now.  :mrgreen: