Hello Folks

Apologies for my continued Radar silence, I have been busy (sorta) No real updates in terms of painting as I have been just concentrating on getting everything 4 flat base colours, this takes a remarkable amount of time apparently (and I have had some help)

I have done all the troops and all but one vehicle, I have reavers, Incubi and a Razorwing to base, hoping to push them out by the end of the weekend, wish me luck.

Also I have essentially chosen a list, there is just some final chin scratching and points jiggling required, but thats for another filler post ….

Somewhere in-between I got the urge to do up my Archon, Prince Vidious, pictures are provided. I’m just trying to find a suitable eye to put on the cross/guard of his husk-djinn-trap sword to show it’s alive  (anyone who has read Elric of Melnibone will get me)- BTW Archon has been kicking A55 in all of the test games so far , even saving me from complete epic fail in my worst test game so far .

I’m enjoying his growing soul collection *grin* lets just say Driago wont be beating Tzeentch at chess, taking a dump in Nurgles private toilet , Staring down Khorne or defeating Slaanesh in a wanking contest any time soon.

Thought for the day: Don’t play games after fighting with your GF for two consecutive nights which only seems to encourage extreme dicefail and poor decision making (must be catching) I’ll bounce back.