Hi Folks,

I have managed to press on and get half the wych squad done , I have nine in the actual list build, but as I had assembled ten and as I am batch painting I’ll do the extra one so I don’t have to come back.

Coming To a Prada Near You

I have done all the normal ones first, the Wych weapons and Hek are up next ¬†and with any luck will see completion before the end of the week. That will see me with 5 out of 18 KP’s fully complete barring any transfers/varnish.

I really need to step things up a gear , I had hoped to get at least three KP’s done on my week off, I have only managed one and a half , which is a bit of a fail , though the Raider took quite a bit longer than anticipated.I know have just short of 2 months left to finish everything …

I’ll be back with pics once I have completed the squad.

PS. Can anyone donate a Liquefier gun from the Wrack sprue ? happy to trade parts / pay ?