I busted my Balls this week to bring the army up to seven fully completed KP’s 11 to go with a whole free weekend In front of me.

Currently aiming to clear three per week…. Man am I going to suffer.

Up next, a Ravager I think.

In other news I have ordered a battlefoam custom case for my army, initially had hoped for a medium bag but DE are funny shapes and really need to be glued to their bases (which BF’s solution accounts for) so they take a stupid amount of space, fortunately the bag I did get lets me store almost all the DE I own and accounts for most of my upcoming purchases too, apart from a Voidraven. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to It as I imagine there will be FW goodies to add soon.

BTW, kinda enjoyed BF’s custom tray creator, very cool/useful. I’ll do a full review on my order experience and the bag after ToS.

I’m Considering trading in my unassembled Lynx for a Tantalus, assuming it does not get the ‘Reaper treatment’ rules-wise….. *scowl*