Thats right, 5 Times as many brides and a darkmatter cannon, oh no no no mr Tarantino, mine is better.

So yes I have managed to squeeze one more thing out , list left to do is one Ravager, two Venoms, 5 warriors, 4 Truborn and two Characters, 23 days and counting ….

I do have transfer designs but it my go on afterwards as I do not have the time or energy to work out how to size and print them atm, trying to get some help with that.

Nothing special to report on the raider, I enjoyed the Razorwing way more.

If I behave myself and get some serious painting done on Saturday I get to go and hang out with Frontline Gamer and try some Infinity, I don’t need much nudging I really want to paint some of those models, fortunately my OCD won’t let me do anything else until the DE are finished.

Venom and Truborn this weekend maybe even two Venoms, I Can’t face the Ravager at the moment , nearly lost the will to live doing the last one, lol