Ok If  I thought Ravagers were bad these babys have been the very definition of  time consuming.

A whole days painting to finish three, I mean a solid day+Evening, I just kept finding stuff to do :o(

It was prob around 22 hours for the whole squad , Damn…. hopefully the other  remaining stuff will be much quicker otherwise no hope of makin it to ToS fuly completed.

Reavers really are some of the best models in what I consider to be GW’s finest range to date .

Sorry about the crap photos, I got a fantastic new lamp (same ultra daylight Negabulb) thing is I have yet to work out how to point it and at what distance  so lighting was a bit out too , coupled with being knackered from two solid days painting and Voila crummy photography.

If they still piss me off tomorrow I’ll take and post some more.

Next up another vehicle , hoping to bang out a couple of things this weekend.

Back soon !

Edit: And F**K my dog ! I want a Tantalus, I may even be past the point of caring about the inevitable FW rules-failure.

Kitteh will send minions to fetch the new toi

Does anyone want to buy a lynx still in FW baggie ? ( just been nicely cleaned up for assembly is all)