Good Day

So made a start on this at a stupid time last night and finished the cockpit , (WIP shots provided) Guessing this took around 12 hours all told , so quicker than the damn Ravager.

The photo’s are truly arse (it is actually black), my light box can’t cope, my lighting is not good without a light box so these pics blow, hopefully you can forgive it and use your imagination a bit, It’s cool in the Β …. er, plastic ? I’m pretty happy with It really.

Ha ha ha Ultramarines DIE, Β ROFL

The missiles are all magnetic and can be removed.

Only 8 KP’s to go and I have completely everything assembled and sprayed now, bring it on !! I can’t believe I might actually pull this off ?!

This week Its the second and last Trueborn Squad in the evenings.